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New Mobilgard446. It helps you turn out more work on less oil.

More work out of the engine, less wear in the engine. That's what you get with Mdbilgard 446, the new high-performance marine diesel engine lubricant.

Because Mobilgard 446 has superior thermal and oxidation sta- bility ... engines run cleaner... and therefore last longer.

Your engine will also show less wear... that saves on repair bills and oil consumption.

Mobilgard 446 saves oil in other ways. You don't have to change it as often... thanks to its improved base stock stability which contributes to superior al- kalinity and detergent dispersant qualities. What's more, there's less oil make-up. Mobilgard 446 has lower volatility than conventional marine oils, so there's less oil loss due to vaporization at high operat- ing temperatures.

All this has been proven two ways: (1) 13,500 to 20,000 operat- ing hours in actual use in EMD-645 engines, and (2) approval of

Mobilgard 446 by Alco, Caterpillar,

Cummins, Detroit Deisel, GM,

EMD, Fairbanks-Morse and GE.

Our 446 booklet gives you the details. For a copy, write:

I. Kershaw, Mobil Oil Corporation. 3225 Gallows Road, Fairfax,

Virginia 22037.

If we can't save you money, 1981 Mobn on corporation we don't deserve your business.

October 15, 1981 Write 3432 on Reader Service Card 43

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