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Diesel Power Review —Sulzer (continued from page 44) grams per horsepower-hour, or nearly 3 grams under the guar- anteed fuel rate for this series, this crosshead engine built by

Sumitoma Heavy Industries in

Japan has a maximum continuous rating of 13,600 bhp at 90 rpm.

In its continuous effort to meet all the stringent future demands imposed on diesel engines for both marine and stationary purposes,

Sulzer has now further developed its highly successful series of Z 40 medium-speed engines.

All the well-proven inherent advantages of the Z 40 engine design have been incorporated in the new engine, and maximum use has been made of the expe- rience gained from the consider- able number of service hours with heavy fuel. The outcome of this development is the ZA 40, one of the most technologically ad- vanced, medium-speed engines on the market. Among other things, this design offers a greatly re- duced specific fuel consumption, a better capability to burn low- quality fuels, a highly efficient and economical cylinder lubrica- tion, a greater potential for ef- ficient waste heat recovery, fa- cilitated maintenance, and an in- creased output.

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Transamerica Deiaval Enter- prise R and RV medium-speed diesel engines operate in the range through 450 rpm, devel- oping from 3,300 to more than 13,000 bhp at a bmep of 250 psig. The R and RV series is com- posed of 6- and 8-cylinder in-line engines, and Vee-form engines with 12, 16, or 20 cylinders. The bore is 17 inches (432 mm), the stroke is 21 inches (533 mm), and the output range reaches up to 677 bhp per cylinder.

An agreement signed recently with the Dutch firm of Stork-

Werkspoor Diesel B.V. of Am- sterdam gives Deiaval the rights to the exclusive manufacture and marketing of the Enterprise/

SWD TM 620 diesel. This engine, which operates up to 425 rpm, is offered as a 9-cylinder in-line unit with an output of 16,000 bhp at the flywheel, and a Vee type 12-cylinder unit rated at 21,700 bhp. The Vee type, rated at 1,800 bhp per cylinder, is soon to be rated at 2,000 bhp, giving it the highest medium-speed horse- power per cylinder rating in the world.

Recent installations reinforce

Delaval's reputation as a leader in the marine power field. Four

Enterprise RV-16 diesels will power two 35,000-dwt tankers be- ing built by Bath Iron Works for

Falcon I Sea Transport Company.

The owner will charter the 666- foot vessels to the Military Sea- lift Command for transporting fuels to government bases world- wide. The RV-16s, each rated at 7,360 bhp, are designed to operate on various fuels including the more economical grades with vis- cosities up to 3500 Redwood.

The 36,000-dwt Pride of Texas, first of three dry bulk carriers being built by Levingston Ship- building Company in Orange,

Texas, for Asco Falcon I, is pow- ered by twin Enterprise RV-12 direct-reversing engines giving the ship a total of 15,600 bhp.

The two sister ships will be sim- ilarly powered. (continued on page 48)

One of six Transamerica Deiaval RV-12 medium speed diesels chosen to power three 'Lone Star Class' 36,000 dwt dry bulk cargo ships. 15 years of heavy fuel operation with MaK engines

The outstanding position of MaK in the market of medium-speed heavy fuel diesel engines is not accidental.

More than 600 MaK heavy fuel engines in operation, in total more than 2 000 000 hp and more than 2 000 000 operating hours with heavy fuel of up to 420 cSt at 50°C (4050 sec Rl at 100 F). are the proof of Heavy fuel suitability,



January 14, 1965:Commissioning of the first MaK heavy fuel engine on MV "Cremon" of the owners HM Gehrkens. The engine type 8Z451 of 2000 hp at 375 rpm has been running for more than 70 000 hours, mainly on heavy fuel of 30 cSt at 50°C (200 sec Rl at 100°F).

January 12, 1967:Commissioning of the first M 551 heavy fuel engine on the reefer "Pagensand" of the Hanse Kuhl- schiffreederei in Hamburg. This 8 Mu 551 engine of 3000 hp at 300 rpm has reached more than 65 000 heavy fuel hours.

Krupp MaK Diesel Inc, 9701 West Higgins Road, Suite 310,

Rosemont, IL 60018,

Tel: (312) 823-8071

Telex 254252 Mak-Chic rosm.

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