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Newport News Lifts 890-Metric Ton Assembly (continued from page 8) project manager W.B. Miffleton.

Since the ship's keel-laying in

October 1981, the shipyard has laid more than 900 feet of ship and has erected steel up to the hanger deck. (A completed Nimitz- class aircraft carrier is 1,092 feet in length). "We've made radical changes in our concept of building air- craft carriers," Mr. Miffleton said.

The changes involve moving new carrier construction from its pre- vious site at Shipway 11 with its 310-ton gantry crane to Shipway 12 with its modern 11-acre fab- rication facility and 900-ton gan- try crane, an area originally built in the 1970s for the series construction of commercial ships.

The crane, manufactured by

Krupp, is the largest in the West- ern Hemisphere and enables con- struction crews to erect much larger, more fully outfitted as- semblies.

Mr. Miffleton says there is no comparison between progress on the previous carrier, the USS

Carl Vinson, and the Theodore

Roosevelt. "We weren't this far along on

Vinson 21/_> years after the keel was laid," Mr. Miffleton, who was project manager during most of the construction of Vinson, said. "But we're working with a com- pressed schedule on the Roose- velt, so we must have this kind of progress to meet our time- table."

Newport News is working to- ward a target delivery date of 1986, some 14 months before the contract delivery date of Febru- ary 1988.

Newport News also has a con- struction contract for two more

Nimitz-class aircraft carriers —

CVN72 and CVN73. The keel on the first of those carriers is to be laid in 1984 and the second in 1986. The shipyard has delivered a total of 23 aircraft carriers since 1934, four of which have been nuclear powered.

Krupp MaK Diesel Moves

To New Headquarters For

North American Operations

Krupp MaK Diesel, Inc., one of the leading suppliers of me- dium-speed, four-stroke, heavy oil engines, has relocated its

North American headquarters from Rosemont, to Glenview, 111., to provide the latest state-of-the- art services to the U.S. and Ca- nadian marine industry.

Since it was established in the fall of 1980, Krupp MaK Diesel,

Inc., a subsidiary of Krupp MaK

Maschinenbau GmbH, of Kiel,

West Germany, has placed more than 160 engines in operation throughout North America.

MaK's new headquarters places the corporate offices and ex- panded warehouse facilities un- der one roof for optimum sales and after-sales services. Located within minutes of Chicago's

O'Hare International Airport,

MaK specialists provide immedi- ate service or spare parts by land, air or water, depending on the requirements. In addition,

MaK service centers are based in strategic areas throughout the

U.S. and Canada.

New Failsafe Regulator

Valve Featured In Free

Brochure From Koomey

Koomey Inc., of Houston, Tex- as, is offering a four-page full- color brochure describing the ca- pabilities of its new failsafe TR pressure reducing and regulator valve.

Over two years in development, the regulator incorporates a fea- ture that allows it to maintain regulated pressure even if its pi- lot signal is lost. The brochure includes color-coded flow dia- grams of systems employing the valve, photos of the unit which can be used on surface and sub- sea BOP control systems to con- trol the annular (bag-type) blow- out preventer.

For a free copy of the brochure,

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