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The tug Arthur Foss features a Voith-Schneider cycloidal propulsion system powered by two EMD diesel engines.

Tacoma Boat Delivers

Fourth Tractor Tug To Foss

The Arthur Foss. the fourth in ceremonies at Foss Terminal tractor- ttl^ToFToss Launch & in Seattle, Wash.

Tug Co., was christened recently Performing the christening

Transamerica Delaval twin "Enterprise" OMR 46 engines (each 3500 hp), mounted on Chockfast Orange", power the rugged workboats of Biehl, Inc. Kuyper gears with cast-in- piace Chockfast alignment also help to assure powerplant dependability.

When reliability cannot be compromised.: count on the organization

High-performance products and worldwide service from factory-trained and certified chocking specialists. Chockfast Orange" has earned a reputation for reliability • more than 15,000 main propulsion systems, plus • genera- tors and auxiliary equipment • sterntube, strut, pintle, rudder and pedestal bearings • steering gears • engine-room and cargo pumps • anchor wind- lasses • bow thrusters • cable penetrations • stern winches.

P.O. Box 454 20 Commerce Drive. Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Telephone: (215) 855-8450 Telex 84-6342 Cable: Philres MMLL were co-sponsors Patricia Foss and Christine Foss, the daugh- ters of Arthur Foss, a member of the Foss company founding family and for whom the vessel was named.

Born in 1885, Arthur Foss literally grew up in the tugboat business, and helped his father and two brothers build today's successful operation. He served as president of the Foss company in the early 1920s, and became chairman of the board in 1955.

He died in 1964 at the age of 79.

Like the three tractor tugs previously commissioned, the 4,000-hp Arthur Foss features a cycloidal propulsion system that enables it to produce thrust in any desired direction without changing its heading. It can move sideward, turn a full circle in a tight space, and come to a com- plete stop within approximately its own length.

These capabilities allow the tug to escort tankers and assist ships and tows in a minimum of time while ensuring maximum safety.

The Arthur Foss, built by

Tacoma Boat Building Co., of

Tacoma, Wash., measures 106 feet long, with a breadth of 38 feet, and a draft of 17 feet 4 inches.

The vessel features two Voith-

Schneider vertically oriented cy- clodial propellers with a blade orbit diameter of 3,200 mm (126 inches). Both propellers have five blades, each of which measures 2,006 mm (79 inches) in length.

The vessel is powered by Gen- eral Motors diesel engines model

EMD 16-645-E6, which develop a total of 4,000 bhp at 900 en- gine rpm.

The Voith-Schneider cycloidal

Arthur Foss is christened by Christine

Foss, daughter of the late Arthur Foss for whom the vessel was named. Look- ing on is her daughter, Melia.

Main Propulsion (2) EMD

Propellers Voith-Schneider

Generator Engines . (2) Detroit


Engine Controls Voith-Schneider

Steering Voith-Schneider

Engine Monitors Sea-Land


Sanitation system . Red Fox

Radar Furuno

VHF (2) Raytheon

Winches (2) Intercon

Fendering Schuyler

Coatings Int'l. Paint unit was chosen after an in- depth, two-and-a-half year study because of its track record, re- liability, and cost effectiveness in operations, said Steve Scalzo,

Foss Launch & Tug Co. vice pres- ident for marine operations.

The Arthur Foss, based in

Bellingham, will begin service immediately in ship assist and tanker escort, joining the 4,000- hp Andrew Foss christened in

November. The 3,000-hp Wedell

Foss, christened in July 1982, is based in Seattle, and the 3,000-hp

Henry Foss, christened in Septem- ber 1982, works out of Tacoma.

Southwest Marine Purchases Computerized

Drydock And Major Shipyard

Southwest Marine, Inc. of San

Diego, Calif., recently announced two major achievements in its more than $40-million renovation project — the signing of a con- tract with Kawasaki Heavy In- dustries Ltd. of Japan to con- struct a new hi-tech computer- ized drydock, and the acquisi- tion of a major West Coast ship- yard, California Shipbuilding and

Dry Dock Co. of San Pedro.

The new 22,000-ton end-trans- fer computerized floating dry- dock is the first of its kind, with delivery to San Diego expected in less than two years. The dry- dock is totally self-contained with its own electrical and sewage systems that eliminate any chance of waste entering San

Diego's waterways.

According to Arthur Engel,

Southwest Marine president, the drydock is the state-of-the-art in dry dock construction—"A First of Its Kind." It not only has the normal up-and-down movements of all drydocks, but also has the capability to move horizontally and vertically. "This capability allows us to maneuver and work on three large vessels out of wa- ter at one time," stated Mr.

Engel. "With the addition of two short platforms we will be able to trans- fer two of the ships onto these platforms for repairs while the third is being maintained and re- paired in the drydock." "In addi- tion," said Mr. Engel, "we will be building two large concrete piers to accommodate three more large vessels for in-water repair work.

This gives us the capability of working on six destroyer/cruiser- size ships at one time which lit- erally will quadruple our present facility capability, and in the end will create over 1,550 new jobs in San Diego." 12 Write 297 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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