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It was often called the "Sea of

Darkness," this area beyond Cape

Bojador on the west coast of

Africa. And for centuries tales of it repelled the most courageous of navigators.

Some tales stated that the water steamed and boiled, the sand burned, and the entire area was inhabited by flesh-eating monsters.

Others claimed that beyond this cape nothing existed. No people.

No fresh water. No vegetation of any kind. And miles from shore, the sea remained dangerously shallow.

But no matter how each descrip- tion varied, all of them agreed on one thing: No one had ever sailed past Cape Bojador and returned to tell of the experience.

It was not until 1433 that Gil

Eannes, a Portuguese explorer, resolved to cross this barrier and return home safely.

He succeeded. And by laying to rest man's fear of the area, he cleared the way for further explo- ration and discovery.

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