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Halter To Build Deepwater, ME 202s And ME 303s

In The United States




Principal Dimensions

Length overall . 68.00 m (223')

Breadth moulded 15.60 m (51')

Depth moulded . . 7.45 m (24' 5")

Speed 16.5 knots


Drilling Water/Ballast W. 560 m3 (560 tons)

Potable Water . 970 m3 (970 tons)

Fuel Oil 1,080 m3 (900 tons)

Cement . . . . 226 m3 (8,000 cu. ft.) in three tanks

Main deck cargo 1,150 tons

Propulsion Machinery

Twin screw total 2 x 6,000 bhp/12,000 bhp

Bowthrusters . 2 x 800 hp variable pitch el. driven

Sternthruster 1 x 800 hp variable pitch el. driven 4 engines each 3,000 hp

Steering gear with independent oper- ation of each rudder

Bollard pull . 2 x 70 tons—140 tons

Generator sets . 2 diesel driven each 350 kva 2 shaft generators each 1,600 kva

Navigation, Communications

Gyrocompass with autopilot

Magnetic compass

Poscon type joystick with automatic heading control



Decca Navigator Mk21 2 VHFs 6 UHFs

Speed log

Decca radar 1216/plotter

Decca radar-916

Direction finder

Halter Marine, Inc., of New

Orleans, La., and Maritime En- gineering A.S., of Oslo, Norway, have signed an agreement grant- ing Halter exclusive rights in the

U.S. to build all of the ME series vessels in excess of 201 feet.

Halter also has the license on a nonexclusive basis worldwide.

Maritime Engineering A/S is a well-known marine engineering and naval architecture firm with a successful history of designing a variety of vessels that serve offshore oil fields in some of the most hostile seas in the world.

In making the announcement,

R.J. Shopf, president of Halter

Marine said: "This agreement reflects our interest in offering a proven line of versatile vessels that can work in such areas as the North Sea, Beaufort Sea,

North Atlantic, and just about any hostile weather area in the world. The Maritime Engineer- ing vessels give us proven de- signs, backed by extensive cold water experience coupled with the high-quality productivity of our six shipyards."

He added Halter will continue to offer its own line of vessels including its new 225-foot Sea

Titan series, and indicated that even larger designs are on the

Halter drawing boards now.

Two of the Maritime Engineer- ing vessels that are available now from Halter are the ME 303 and ME 202. The ME 303 is a deepwater, anchor/handling, tug7 supply boat designed to handle the anchors of the new gener- ation of semisubmersible drilling rigs.

The 223-foot, 12,000-bhp ves- sel features large capacities and deadweight carrying capabilities, a sophisticated two drum anchor' handling winch with over 150- tons of winch pull, a carefully planned layout including allow- ances for fire fighting, and eco- nomical engines that allow for the use of heavy bunker fuel.

The ME 202 is a 220-foot, 6,000-kva, 7,200-bhp, diesel elec- tric platform supply vessel. It is designed to carry a higher pay- load than normal supply boats while remaining within conven- tional size. Twin screw, independ- ent spade type rudders with two bowthrusters forward and one aft make the vessel highly ma- neuverable.

Cargo discharge from the ME 202 should be possible in winds up to 40-knots and a 3-knot cur- rent without using anchors by use of a combination of 360- degree azimuthing main propul- sion units, two 2,000-bhp, two 900-bhp bowthrusters, and joy- stick control.

The ME 202's high fuel econ- omy is further enhanced by the design's allowance for the use of heavy bunker fuel.

For complete information and literature on the ME 303 and

ME 202,

Write 16 on Reader Service Card

Alaskan Office Opened By

Global Marine Divisions

Global Marine Development

Inc., Newport Beach, Calif., (GMDI) and Oceanographic Serv- ices Inc. (OSI) Goleta, Calif., jointly announced the opening re- cently of their Anchorage liaison office in the newly constructed

Frontier Building.

Manager of the new office is

Harold Ramsden of Global Ma- rine Development Inc. Mr. Rams- den was formerly manager of construction, estimating, and contract administration for Glo- bal Marine before becoming man- ager of sales in 1977.

The office was opened as a re- sult of the increasing level of offshore oil activity in Alaska such as the recent Diapir Field lease sale.

Global Marine Development and Oceanographic Services are divisions of Global Marine Inc., a major international offshore drilling contractor. Global Ma- rine Development Inc. is the development arm of Global Ma- rine Inc. One of its principal ac- tivities is the design and devel- opment of specialized steel and concrete offshore structures for drilling in the Arctic.

Oceanographic Services Inc. has spent many years in devel- oping and installing instrumenta- tion and taking measurements of offshore Arctic ice, wave, and bathymetry conditions.

Principal Dimensions

Length overall 67.4m (220.4')

Breadth moulded 16.8m (55.1')

Depth moulded . 7.1m (23.3')

Propulsion Machinery

Diesel electric system constructed for "periodically unattended ma- chinery space" 4 main generator sets 4 x 1,200 kw 4 engines each 1,800 bhp alternators 4 x 1,500 kva, 600v, 60 Hz

Harbour generator, diesel driven 150 kw

Azimuth thrusters: 2 x 2,000 bhp variable pitch, 360 de-

ME 202 PLATFORM SUPPLY VESSEL grees rotating el. driven, 2 x 24 tons thrust.

Bow thrusters: 2 x 900 hp, variable pitch, el. driven 2 x 10.6 tons thrust.

Speed: 12.5 knots cruising speed 13.5 knots trial speed


Max deck cargo: 1,650 tons with cen- ter of gravity 1 m above main deck.

Cement tanks: 14,000 cu. ft. in 5 tanks

Drilling water: 924 m3 ( 947 tons) /1,893 m3 (1,893 tons)

Fresh water: 1,040 m3 (1,040 tons)

Fuel oil: 1,269 m3 (1,060 tons)

Navigation, Communications 2 Decca radars type RM1216C. With gyro stabilization, reflector platter,

VRM. 1 SSB, 400-watt radio, fully transis- torized 2 VHFs, 25 Watt 1 Decca Navigator 1 Echosounder 1 International direction finder 1 Gyrocompass with autopilot 1 Decca autopilot 1 Magnetic compass 1 Joystick interface with autopilot and gyrocompass 1 Speed log. Doppler type. 40 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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