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Savings Up To 30 Percent

Detailed In Brochure On

Avicon's New Fuel Monitor

A new Monitor 205 marine en- gine fuel-efficiency system bro- chure is available from Avicon

Corporation of Scottsdale, Ariz., illustrating and describing fea- tures which can provide fuel savings up to 30 percent for ves- sel owners.

The four-color brochure defines user performance benefits of the

Monitor 205 microprocessor dis- play unit, sensors and optional printer, and analog display units.

Digital display keyboard controls are captioned in an illustration shown across two pages so that every function can be clearly un- derstood. A fuel-performance curve illustrates optimum fuel efficiency speeds. Information on dealer installation, operation re- quirements, size, and power spec- ifications are outlined.

The Avicon Monitor 205 pro- vides information on fuel flow, speed through water, RPM, pro- peller slip, time and distance to waypoint. After initial program- ming the Monitor 205 presents all the data needed for evaluat- ing performance and for setting up fuel-saving procedures at the push of a button. Early warning alarms may also be programmed for critical parameters of engine speed or fuel consumption and to provide easy detection of en- gine malfunctions which could require costly repair. Depending on vessel size and operation, Avi- con reports this system can pay for itself in one month's time.

The Monitor 205 can be used for single or twin engine, diesel or steam, and with light and heavy fuel oils. A two-year lim- ited warranty is provided.

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Monitor 205 brochure,

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JRC Opens Offices In

Australia, Singapore

New area offices in Perth, Aus- tralia, and Singapore have been established by Jet Research Cen- ter (JRC) of Arlington, Texas.

The facilities will provide the complete range of JRC explosive technology to the petroleum, ma- rine construction, and dredging industries.

Ron Woods, area manager-busi- ness development, will headquar- ter in JRC's Perth location. Mr.

Woods joined the company over two years ago and has experience in all phases of JRC's explosive capabilities. He is also a 25-year naval veteran as a demolition expert.

The Singapore office will be headed by Ray McManus, dis- trict manager. Mr. McManus's over three and a half years with

JRC includes a year as manager of the company's Dubai opera- tions. He is a demolition expert with 24 years in the Marine


Jet Research, one of the rec- ognized leaders in explosive tech- nology, is a subsidiary of Halli- burton Company, Dallas, Texas.


Bremer Vulcan Delivers

Multipurpose Cargo Ship

Bremer Vulcan AG shipyard,

Bremen, West Germany, recent- ly delivered the 75,590-dwt multi- purpose carrier M/S Ariel to Par- tenrederiet Ariel/Skibs AS/Aino/

Skibs AS Viva/Skibs AS Viator/

Skibs AS Bonita.

The Ariel transports dry bulk cargo, containers, and large pipes and is also capable of carrying liquid cargoes such as crude oil, light heating oil, and petroleum products, or a combination of dry and liquid cargoes.

The vessel is powered by a

Bremer Vulcan / M.A.N, type

K8SZ 70150 CL diesel engine pro- ducing 16,520 bhp at 130 rpm.

The Ariel is 243.46 meters long overall, has a 32.22-meter molded breadth, a 20.50-meter depth, and a 14.32-meter draft. /laintaining the integrity of line shaft omponents. virtually eliminating orrosion problems with the line shaft earing, providing maintenance-free peration for extended time periods and

The John Crane MX9

MX9 Stern Shaft Seal





SEALING TECHNOLOGY 'he John Crane MX9 represents state- f-the-art stern tube sealing technology, 'his innovative design—incorporating single convolution bellows and readily splaceable face wearing components— reated a revolution in sealing design hilosophy. And the MX9 represents a roven philosophy, successfully emonstrated at sea. offering an auxiliary packing provision enabling emergency shaft sealing are critical problems of fluid movement solved by the MX9 Stern Shaft Seal. jri > These are solutions that have a UL/if led to U.S. Navy acceptance of the John Crane MX9 for Fourth-Flight new constructions and backfit under PSA and ROH on the FFG-7 Class.

Discover the diversity of experience in

John Crane engineered sealing. That's proven performance aboard commercial and government vessels worldwide. John

Crane means confidence and reliability.

Put it to work for you.

For more information, contact a John

Crane field engineer without obligation.

Or request Bulletin M-100. John Crane,

Marine and Government Division. 6400

Oakton Street. Morton Grove. IL 60053. 312/967-3873.

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