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New Marine Impellers

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The Barco Corporation recent- ly celebrated its third anniver- sary by moving into a new facil- ity located in a new industrial park adjacent to the Interna- tional Airport in Tampa, Fla.

Barco Corporation pioneered a new elastomer flexible impeller used in cooling pumps in marine engines as well as auxiliary pumps used on commercial and pleasure craft. Production has grown from 8 impellers per day in the begin- ning to over 150 per day in 11 different models.

The development of the impel- ler was done with the ultimate goal of providing the marine in- dustry with an impeller that would have a dry-running capa- bility of from 10 to 20 minutes without destroying the impeller.

The second goal was to have a compound that would not swell nor deteriorate when subjected to petroleum products such as diesel fuel, lube oil, or gasoline.

The Barco impeller is capable of doing both.

They operate successfully in temperatures that exceed the ca- pabilities of rubber, nitrile, or neoprene impellers ranging from — 35°F to 350°F.

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Getty Plans Expansion Of

California Marine Terminal

Costing $60 To $100 Million

Getty Trading and Transpor- tation Company of Denver, Colo., recently submitted proposed con- struction plans to the Santa Bar- bara Resources Department and the State Lands Commission seek- ing permits to expand the com- pany's crude oil marine terminal near Gaviota, Calif. The plans also include construction of a sup- ply facility for petroleum compa- nies operating offshore.

The multipurpose project, es- timated to cost between $60 and $100 million, would increase the

Gaviota terminal's capacity to handle up to 300,000 barrels per day of crude oil production with an initial storage capacity of one million barrels. Storage capacity eventually would be expanded to two million barrels of crude oil.

The terminal, available to all companies, would be designed to handle offshore crude oil produc- tion from recent and anticipated discoveries in the Santa Barbara

Channel and Santa Maria basin areas. The marine terminal ex- pansion also would include con- struction of a mooring facility for crude oil tankers. The pro- posed supply facility would in- clude warehouses, a pipe yard, heliport, and a pier for supply boats.

Both the marine terminal ex- pansion and supply facility will be located on a 178-acre tract of land near Gaviota, about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara.

Existing capacity of Getty's ma- rine terminal is 50,000 barrels per day of crude oil.

Getty's plans refer to a pro- posed crude oil pipeline from the

Gaviota terminal east into the

Bakersfield area where it would connect to existing and future crude pipeline systems. This would allow crude oil produced offshore California to move via pipeline.

Additionally, Getty plans to set aside storage space on land and make mooring facilities avail- able for use by the "Clean Seas

Group." This industry-funded or- ganization provides expertise, equipment, vessels, and man- power in the event of an oil spill.

R.A. Griffith, vice president of mainlines and terminals for Getty

Trading and Transportation Com- pany, said that once all permits are received, construction of the facilities would take about 20 months. Approximately 200 jobs will be created during the con- struction period.

Getty has retained Westec

Services, Inc., a San Diego-based environmental consulting firm, and Marmec Systems Engineer- ing of Long Beach, to assist in the permit application process.

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