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For Sale at Zidell


American Crane Barge


Displacement Light 1.200T.

Gross Tonnage 911

Net Tonnage

Length. 151-6"

Beam 60'- 0"

Hull Depth 12'-0

Flush Deck Area 6,000 Sq. Ft.

Engine Room Area 412Sq.Ft

Office & Eating Area 136 Sq. Ft.

Diesel Fuel Tanks 36,000 Gal.

Fresh Water Tanks 0 Gal.

Bunker "C" Fuel Tanks 12,000 Gal

Ballast System None


Manufacturer American Hoist & Derrick Co.

Model & Type 305 Revolver

Capacity 125 T.

Boom (Certified rating with 140 length, 160' available) 20 part rigging 2,200 ft., WC - 6 x 36 I PS 4 part standing standing bail 2-186 ft., WC - 6 x 36 I PS.

Main Hoist (Certified rating: 58.5 T. @ 50' to 100', 8 part, rigg.) 20part rigging 3,250 ft.. 1"C - 6 x 36 IPS.

Aux. Hoist (Certified rating: 10.0 T. @ 100 ) 15 T. Capacity 2 part rigging 635 ft., WC - 6 x 66 I PS. ! » FOUR 30-TQN

Container Cranes 70 • loot Track Span

AC Power Input with Cable Reel and 350 feet of 500 MCM Cable.

MG set: 250 HP-AC-170 KW 230 DC. • 200 HP DC Hoist Motor • 100 HP DC Trolley

Motor • 2-40 HP DC Gantry Travel Motors •

Trolley Travel 275 F.P.M. • Gantry Travel 100

F.P.M. • Hoist Speed: 30 LT @ 85 F.P.M.; 20 LT @ 100 F.P.M.; Empty Spreader 200 F.P.M. • 32'0" Maximum Outstretch • Hoist, Trolley

Travel and Gantry Motors are DC and have

VSR and VSX regulation.

Hoist and Trolley not shown but are included.

Other areas of possible use: 1) Pipe and steel yards 2) Barge building 3) Concrete pre fab Dlants

Two 500-ton Gantry Cranes 70-foot Track Span (CAN BE WIDENED TO 100 FEET)

Originally Barge Handling. As used on

LASH Ships Manufactured by Alliance.

Late Model built to ABS and MARAD re- quirements.

Good Condition. Immediately Available.

Priced at a fraction of New Replacement

Cost. Complete with Lifting Beams and

Spreader Beams (not shown in photo- graph)

AC Power Input Through Cable Reel

DC Hoist & Gantry Motors & Controls 4-150 HP-240 Volt DC Hoist Motors 4-150 HP-240 Volt DC Gantry Motors 2-265 KW-500 Volt DC M-G Sets

Units Can Be Modified

Possible other uses: r 1) Moving heavy equipment 2) Dam Sites 3) Concrete Prefab plants 4) Railroad yards 5) Steel plants

Geared Track is also available at extra cost

NEW 1970-72

Priced at a fraction of today's new replacement cost. Good

Condition. Immediately Available.

From LASH Ships. Late Model.

Manufactured by PACEO. Suitable for Ship, Barge or Land Use.

Manufactured to ABS and MARAD requirements.

For additional information or to make an appointment to inspect, call or write:

Dennis Kearney or Ace Logan


ZIDELL EXPLORATIONS, INC. 3121 S.W. Moody Ave., Portland, Oregon 97201

Phone: 503 228-8691 • Telex 36-0503- Cable "Zidell"

Toll free: 1 800 547-9259 k, I _

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