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Test Results Of Thordon

Rudder Bearings Offered

By Thomson-Gordon

Thomson-Gordon Ltd., of Bur- lington, Ontario, Canada, is offer- ing information on field tests of

Thordon molded stave rudder bearings.

According to the company, wear figures indicate that the bearing can reasonably be ex- pected to last as long as the ves- sel. Thordon, a resilient-elasto- meric product, is a replacement for phenolic rudder stock stave bearings.

Among the test results were: steering torque values reduced 30 percent, and the bearings op- erated with water, oil, or grease lubrication, or in the dry condi- tion.

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MarAd Awards Support

Contract For CAORF

To Ship Analytics

The Maritime Administration has awarded a $540,836 contract to Ship Analytics of Centerport,

N.Y., to provide engineering maintenance and operations sup- port for MarAd's Computer-

Aided Operations Research Fa- cility (CAORF).

CAORF, operated by the Na-

How Assessment

Services can help you.

At the National Sanitation Founda- tion, the Assessment Services group evaluates products, systems, and services not covered by our Listing and Certification Services. We undertake special testing, research, demonstration projects, and studies for industry, service companies, government, and individuals with health and environmental concerns.

The objectivity and integrity associ- ated with NSF make Assessment

Services unique. We provide spe- cialized physical, chemical, and microbiological testing, including field testing by trained profession- als. It could be just the help you need! Some examples:

Disposable containers

Microbiological testing and plant inspection services are provided to 10 manufacturers of disposable

Find Out What Assessment

Services Can Do For You!

Write or Phone for Free Information: * Assessment Services Brochure • NSF Facts Brochure are carried out in accordance with US Food and Drug Adminis- tration standards.

Water Disinfection Systems

A study of cruise vessel drinking water disinfection systems was performed for the Centers for

Disease Control to assist them in protecting passengers' health.

Water Treatment

Under a contract with the US

Environmental Protection

Agency, we are studying the costs, maintenance require- ments, and effectiveness of various small central systems and point-of-use units to reduce fluoride levels in drinking water.

Hazardous Wastes

In another project, the solidified product from a hazardous waste chemical treatment and solidifica- tion process was rigorously tested for leaching of hazardous or toxic constituents. Test results were provided to the state regulatory agency reviewing the process.

Wastewater Treatment

Under contract with manufactur- ers, new products have been tested and evaluated for their effects on various onsite wastewater treat- ment systems.

Please contact Assessment

Services for more information, or to discuss your needs in detail. In- quiries from anywhere in the world are welcome. containers through the Single Ser- vice Institute. The routine testing required by state regulatory author- ities and voluntary plant inspections

National Sanitation Foundation tional Maritime Research Center on the campus of the U.S. Mer- chant Marine Academy at Kings

Point, N.Y., uses a bank of com- puters to generate radar signals and visual imagery on a 240- degree screen surrounding a ship bridge mock-up. The facility is used for research on collision- avoidance techniques, control and maneuverability methods, harbor and waterways problems, ship bridge design, and ways to train and certify watchstanders.

The contract is for one year, but contains options for up to two one-year extensions.

Centrico Offers Free 124-Page Guidebook

Westfalia Oil Separators

A free, full-color, 124-page ring-bound book is now being offered by Centrico, Northvale,

N.J., completely describing the full line of Westfalia Mineral Oil

Separators for diesel lube oil and fuel oil as well as for the demin- eralization of lube oils for gas turbines.

This very informative book is filled with detailed data, dia- grams of equipment, installation diagrams, drawings, full-color cutaway illustrations, and four- color photographs.

Individual units are examined in detail and complete informa- tion is included on the firm's "Centri-Pack" packaged systems which are delivered complete and ready for fast, economical ship- board installation. "Centri-Pack" includes all components neces- sary for full operation already installed on a single sturdy base.

Included are the separator, mo- tor, pumps, pre-strainer, thermo- statically regulated pre-heater, motor control and timing unit, supervisory equipment, etc.

Full information is included on weights, dimensions, pipe sizes, and proper means of lifting and installation. There are pages with correct data necessary for use of

Westphalia separators with en- gines manufactured by MAN-

B&W, Sulzer, Deutz, MWM, Piel- stick, etc. Diagrams and tables are included which contain com- plete installation and working instructions. There is also a sec- tion on the use of future fuels.

For a free copy of this inform- ative 124-page reference book,

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Navy Awards Magnavox $29.7-Million Contract

For 97,638 Sonobuoys

Magnavox Government and In- dustrial Electronics Company,

Fort Wayne, Ind., has been awarded a $29,765,204 firm-fixed- price contract to furnish 97,638

AN/SSQ-53B sonobuoys with as- sociated data. The place of per- formance is Garrett, Ind. The

Naval Avionics Center, Indianap- olis, is the contracting activity (N00163-83-C-0067).

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