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work in industrial plant vessels, also referred to as floating fac- tories, floating industrial plants, plant ships or factory ships. The market seems to be expanding steadily and new opportunities are occurring on a continuing basis. This paper reviews the

MarAd program activities and re- cent events which may assist im- plementation of these concepts into the U.S. shipbuilding market.

Session III — Friday, April 8.

Theme — "New Directions"

Moderators—Wolfgang Reuter,

Session III-A, and Phillip Eisen- berg, Session III-B.

Paper No. III-A-1 — "New Di- rections for Navy Manufactur- ing and Shipbuilding Technology" by R. Ramsay.

SYNOPSIS: This paper provides a partial overview of naval and merchant shipbuilding industry problems. The planning approach for the Navy Manufacturing and

Shipbuilding Technology (MT/

ST) Program, which will support the expanded naval construction program, is outlined in concept.

The relative importance of pro- duction technology, management strategy and business structure is discussed in context with ap- proaches to resolution of current problems facing the U.S. ship- building industry.

Paper No. III-B-1—"New R&D

Direction for the U.S. Merchant

Marine" by J. Gross.

SYNOPSIS: The subject of new

R&D directions for the merchant marine, poses several questions: (1) what is the future of the U.S. merchant marine, (2) what are its opportunities, (3) are the ma- jor problems that face the U.S. merchant marine solvable, (4) what is the role of research and development and innovation in the future merchant marine, and (5) what then should be the

R&D directions for the U.S. mar- itime industry? In this paper, the author examines each of these questions and sets forth recom- mended R&D directions for im- provement of the U.S. commercial maritime industry.

Paper No. III-A-2 — "New Di- rections for Advanced Naval Ship

Design" by N. Kobitz.

SYNOPSIS: The need to develop a coherent method for incorpo- rating into naval ship design the impact of changing roles and mis- sions, threats and technology has long been a challenge to the de- sign community. Over the past several years a method has been developed which addresses these needs. By combining several ex- isting operations and adding some original concepts, a systematic approach to naval ship design and research requirement defini- tion has been developed. It com- bines the mission work of the

Office of the Chief of Naval Op- erations with the technology of the Naval Material Command to produce a continuous panel of ship alternatives from which the

CNO can choose in formulating his shipbuilding program.

Paper No. III-B-2 — "The U.S.

Coast Guard Advanced Marine

Vehicle R&D Program: An Over- view" by J. Milton and LCDR

J. Tozzi, USCG.

SYNOPSIS: Since its inception, the U.S. Coast Guard Advanced

Marine Vehicle (AMV) R&D pro- gram has been directed at the application of AMVs to the Coast

Guard's operational missions. The primary objective of the AMV

R&D program has been to quan- tify the cost-benefit trade-offs of using AMVs to perform Coast

Guard operational missions. The approach has been to conduct operations analyses in conjunc- tion with literature reviews and operational and technical evalu- ations of specific vehicles. At present, some of the operations' research tools which have been developed are being applied to support the upcoming replace- ment of seventy-six 95-foot and 82-foot patrol boats. In the fu- ture, these tools may be refined and updated to support other ves- sel acquisitions.

Panel Discussion — "New Di- rections for Education to Sup- port Ship Design and Construc- tion."

Moderator—Wolfgang Reuter, executive vice president, Design- er and Planners, Inc.

Panel Members:

Vice Adm. C.R. Bryan, USN (ret.), president, Webb Institute (continued on page 26)


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