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Bertie Spell is foreman of our hull department.

He's a genius at shipfitting, and is probably the best plate hanger in the southeast.

If Bertie's the best, then J. G. Bennet (photo- graphed on the ladder) is a close second.

He was trained by Bertie, and has earned his stamp of approval. J.G. is a Boilermaker

Leaderman at our yard. He's an expert at boiler repairs and tough steel work.

The point is simply this. We're talking about "skilled" craftsmen. Highly skilled. And that's why you should come to Savannah for your voyage repairs, major conversions, alterations or drydockmg.

At Savannah your job will get the craftsmen.

They do the job once, correctly Which saves time and money So come to us for a high level of professionalism in addition to Savannah's high year-round temperatures. That combina- tion will give you a nice, secure, warm feeling.

Savannah Shipyard Company Reach us by telex or telephone. Ttelex 546426

SAVMACSHIP SAV, RO. Box 787, Savannah,

Ga. 31402. Telephone (912) 233-6621. Or call our New York office: 74 Trinity Place,

Suite 1800, New York, NY 10006. Telephone (212) 432-0350.

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