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SPC/IREAPS Seeks Papers

For Delivery At Tenth

Technical Symposium

A "Call for Papers" was issued recently by SPC/IREAPS for de- livery at the 10th annual tech- nical symposium to be held Au- gust 23-25, 1983, at The Western

Hotel-Copley Place, Boston, Mass.

A topic form supplied by the organization should be submitted by April 15, and a 100-word ab- stract of the technical paper is due by May 6.

The symposium is sponsored by the Ship Production Commit- tee (SPC) of The Society of Na- val Architects and Marine Engi- neers and the Institute for Re- search and Engineering for Au- tomation and Productivity in

Shipbuilding (IREAPS). The two organizations formed a coalition in November 1982 dedicated to promoting the interests of the shipbuilding industry and in- creasing productivity.

Papers should be concerned with topics such as computer applications in ship design, pro- duction, and repair; shipbuilding methods and ship productibility; enhancing worker productivity; planning and production control; and development of shipbuilding standards.

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Also, U.S. implementation of foreign shipbuilding technology; materials handling and other in- dustrial engineering concerns; productivity issues in Navy build- ing, repair, and overhaul; and productivity considerations for the small yard.

The 1982 symposium was at- tended by nearly 400 persons rep- resenting more than 50 ship- yards, 12 U.S. Government agen- cies, and 75 other organizations from the international shipbuild- ing sector.

For more information, contact

Linda Bender or Pamela Slechta,

SPC/IREAPS Technical Sympo- sium, 10 West 35 Street, Chicago, 111. 60616. Tel. (312) 567-4618. $6-Million Engineering

Contract Awarded Ingalls

For Aegis Missile Cruiser

Ingalls Shipbuilding Division,

Litton Systems Incorporated,

Pascagoula, Miss., has been awarded a $6-million cost-plus- award-fee contract for engineer- ing changes to the CG-47 class ships. The Naval Sea Systems

Command, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00024- 78-C-2316).

Venezuelan Yard Awards $1.2-Million Production

Line Contract To TTS

Total Transportation Systems,

Inc. (TTS) of Newport News,

Va., announced recently it was awarded a $1.2-million contract for a panel production line with associated welding equipment by

Diques Y Astilleros Nacionales

C.A. (DIANCA) of Puerto Cabel- lo, Venezuela.

Rear Adm. Carlos Paez Celis, president of DIANCA, stated that the panel line will signifi- cantly enhance the yard's capa- bility to compete in the new con- struction market. The new instal- lation will initially be employed in construction of a 5,000-ton floating drydock which DIANCA has on order; however, the line is designed to suit a wide range of applications.

The order marks Total Trans- portation System's first installa- tion in Latin America. The TTS

Group, headquartered in Norway, has installed mechanized produc- tion lines and custom-designed material-handling systems in about 50 shipyards worldwide, in- cluding several installations in the U.S. In addition to the order from DIANCA, TTS is supplying equipment to shipyards in the

Far East, Europe, and the U.S., and is engaged in development of material-handling systems for offshore industry customers.

For more information,

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