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Deck Machinery (continued from page 25)


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Clyde of Duluth, Minn., a unit of AMCA International Corpora- tion, has redesigned its popular line of medium-capacity winches, frame 4 through frame 8 series,

As a Component:

Signal-conditioned, 2-wire, 4-20 ma DC output.

As a System:

Supplied with display receiver modules. achieving greatly improved per- formance ratings in anchor/moor- ing service.

This series of winches spools wire rope in the 3/s+ diameter through l-Vi-f- diameter sizes and withstands first layer stall pulls in excess of 50,000 pounds. The winches may be powered by diesel or gasoline engines, or electric or electrohydraulic motors. They are available as single drum units, or as two, three, or four-drum units in waterfall configuration. For ef- fective corrosion resistance the winches are prime coated with in- organic zinc, with a finish coat of marine epoxy enamel.

The literature on Clyde frame 4 through frame 8 winches includes data on wire rope size, drum di- mensions, spooling capacities, drum clutch and drum brake specifica- tion, as well as dimensional draw- ings and typical performance data for anchor/mooring service.

Clyde frame 4 through frame 8 winches are available through the 48 contiguous United States from

Hydraulic Power Systems, Inc.,

Kansas City, Mo. In addition, HPSI handles Clyde car pullers and barge movers. HPSI offers full service, dedicated to every phase of the business—sales, rentals, parts, and service.


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Amcon air-controlled hoists are an exclusive with Conmaco, Inc. of

Kansas City, Kan. The flagship of the line is the Amcon 6250, which handles up to 12,000 feet of 3-inch wire rope.

Also new to the 7-hoist Amcon lineup is the Amcon 150. This ver- satile hoist will handle wire rope up to 1-inch and delivers up to 35,000 pounds of line pull. It has proven itself to be well-suited for anchor-handling applications on small vessels and supply boats, or for mooring small barges on in- land waterways.

Conmaco also recently intro- duced a line of deck-mounted fair- leaders, each with the rugged con- struction to withstand the breaking strength of indicated wire rope.

Bearings in the barrel and sheaves are engineered for long life and dependability, even under rapid or severe changes of lead.

New to the Amcon line of winches is the 20C Hydraulic winch with a line pull of up to 40,000 pounds (1-inch wire rope) and spooling capacity of 1,434 feet. An important feature of this winch is that each drum is fitted with a friction clutch allowing the drums to "free wheel" independently.

In addition to a full line of air- controlled winches, fairleads, deck guide sheaves, and chain handling equipment, Conmaco also offers rental, sales, and service on hy- draulic continuous pull machines with CPL as high as 1.5 million pounds.


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A 180-page, full-color catalog is available from The Crosby Group, a Division of Amhoist, which is comprised of Laughlin®, Lebus®,

McKissick, National, and West- ern. The companies manufacture every conceivable kind of fittings and accessories for deck machin- ery, cargo handling and other ap- plications, including forged fit- tings, hooks, blocks, sheaves, pulleys, load binders, chain, etc.

The catalog describes all of the products of all divisions in full de- tail with photos, detailed draw- ings, all measurements, and full specification charts.

McKissick products, a division (continued on page 30)

GEMS Transmitters

For Continuous Level Monitoring or Control.

Your best connection for total level control!

Direct level measurement % of water, oils, process blends, fuels and chemicals.

Intrinsically Safe.

Monitoring of liquids in hazardous areas can be accomplished without the need for expensive explosion-proof housings or conduits when using Gems SAFE-PAK relays.

Consistently Accurate.

No need to guess about exact tank capacities. These transmitters provide accuracy within ±1/2" of true liquid level.

Inherently Reliable.

Utilizing the unique, dependable magnetic float and reed switch principle, Gems transmitters have a long, proven record of reliability.

Choice of Models-

Components or Systems.


And In Stock to Meet Your Delivery Needs.

With more than 25 years application experience, GEMS is ready to help solve your level monitoring or control problems.

For application information, call toll-free (800) 321-6070.

In Ohio call (800) 441-7733.


Plainville, Connecticut 06062 (203)677-1311 Telex: 99306 3|p Transamerica 11 Delaval




COMPANY 1010 TH'RD AVi K: V. VORI- N.> 10021 i212l 421-7005










CORPORATION "01 JOHN AVE. SUPERIOR Wl 54880 (715) 39-: 4444

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