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vessel exceptional handling capa- bilities.

The pilot house is equipped with a Regency MT-5500, all channel

VHF radio, a Raytheon 400 hailer- intercom, two Carlisle & Finch in- candescent searchlights, and full instrumentation and alarm sys- tems.

Twin Nabrico 20-ton winches are enclosed in the forward deck locker for protection and to pro- vide an unobstructed deck area. A raised deck is fitted to facilitate access to empty barges.

The vessel is equipped with a 12-volt automatic Jabsco bilge pump that discharges to stuffing box drains directly overboard, a

Humphrey sanitary system, and a

Dayton air compressor. The hull is constructed of %-inch steel plate, with 3A-inch rounded corners and

Vfe-inch plate over the stern sections.

The bilge system is designed to allow any compartment on the vessel to be pumped, and allows for discharge overboard, to the slop tank, or to the stern ballast tanks. By utilizing the sea cock, the engine room and the entire ex- terior of the boat can be washed down.


Leevac Shipyards

The offshore supply vessel

Champion Express was delivered by Leevac Shipyards of Jennings,

La., to Offshore Express, Inc. of

Houston. This is the first of two sister vessels ordered from Leevac by the owner, the second being the

Diamond Express.

The Champion Express has an overall length of 165 feet, beam of 38 feet, and depth of 13 feet. She is powered by twin GM Detroit

Diesel 16V149 engines providing a

Shown below, the Actinia built by Hitachi Zo- sen. See page 18 of this issue. total of 1,350 bhp at 1,800 rpm.

The engines drive two 74-inch, 4- bladed, Avondale stainless steel propellers through Twin Disc MG 540 reduction gears having a ratio of 6:1.

Two 230-bhp, 8V71 Detroit Die- sel engines power the 99-kw Gen- eral Electric generators. The ves- sel is equipped with a 200-hp

Jastram bow thruster providing a (continued on page 22) 12 reasons why workboat and f ishboat skippers are changing to

Raytheon3500 MKII Radars.

Compare the 3500 MKII with other 7-inch radars.

None matches Raytheon's total performance. None does the job so well day-in and day-out, on every kind of hard-working boat. 10 ranges out to 72 miles. • V4, V2, 1, 11/2.3,6,12,48, and 72 miles. • 27 yards (25 m) minimum range.

Four pulse 2 puis lenqtns. lengl • Automatically selects best pulse length for clearest and sharpest picture on all ranges. 3 Ideal 10-kW power. • Produces maximum signal efficiency with four different pulse lengths. • Punches through rain and fog.

High-resolution 6-foot antenna. • Gives a second VRM. • Adjustable guard ring. • Sector guard. • Automatic detection of targets from Vh to 6 miles. • Audible and visible alarms. 8Adjustable Inner Bearing

Scale. • Fast, accurate relative and true bearings. 9 12-inch Magnifier. 12-inch viewing without distortion.

Supplied as standard. 10

Eliminates interference from other radars.

STC control eliminates wave clutter.

FTC control eliminates rain and snow clutter.

Performance metering. • Front-panel visual check of ship's power, transmitter and receiver performance.

Supplied as standard.


I 6 11 • Narrow horizontal beam ensures sharper pictures. • Wide vertical beam compensates for pitching and rolling. • Wind rated to 101 knots. 5 Best interference and clutter suppression.

Variable Range Marker with LED readout. • Gives precise ranges of targets. • Supplied as standard.

Optional RAYMARK

Seaguard MKII Alarm.

Easy installation. • Tabletop, bulkhead, or overhead. • Single, plug-in cable to Antenna/

Transceiver Unit.

Two-year warranty unmatched by competition.

Any doubt that this is the best radar for you? Just compare our warranty with any other. Only Raytheon gives you a limited 2-year parts warranty with one year free labor within 50 miles of any of our U.S. dealers and worldwide service network.

For more information see your local dealer or contact:

Circle 117 on Reader Service Card Interference rejection off. Interference rejection on.

Vi mile range.

Typical guard ring setting during anchor watch. 6 mile range.

Typical guard ring setting while underway.




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