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24-Page Color Catalog

On Marine Electronics

Free From Furuno

Furuno U.S.A., Inc. has just published a new full color catalog of their 1984 complete product line. In it are marine electronics for commercial fishermen and work boat operators.

The 1984 catalog is arranged by product category, covering radars, echosounders, sonars and nav aids.

Each product is illustrated and briefly described, with a full spec- ification section to enable pur- chasers to choose among the many models.

Two new sections have been added for 1984. One covers a com- pletely new line of radio equip- ment, while the second discusses how Furuno products may be com- bined into systems that provide in- tegrated navigation packages.

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In a related development,

Thomas C. Hovious has been named manager of the Transpor- tation Equipment Products Oper- ation (TEPO), a major component of Mr. Cimonetti's division. Mr.

Hovious had been manager of Re- liability and Quality Assurance for General Electric's Aerospace

Instruments Department in Wil- mington, Mass.

TEPO is responsible for devel- opment and marketing of products that have evolved from railroad lo- comotives to be used in other in- dustries. These products include: • GE7FDM marine diesel en- gines with eight, 12 and 16 cylin- ders, four-cycle, rated from 1,525 to 4,000 hp. These engines are in service on tugboats, towboats, fer- ries, drill ships and military craft. • Diesel-electric power modules incorporating GE7FD 12 and 16 cylinder engines with ac genera- tors. Ratings are from 1,800 kW to 2,650 kW. • DC motors and generators and AC generators for oil and gas drilling rigs.

ITED's major international mar- keting areas include Europe, In- dia, Africa, Latin America, the

Mideast and the Far East includ- ing China and Australasia.

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New... More Reliable.. Cost Effective The Alternative to Reach Rod Systems

New Division Formed

At General Electric Headed

By W.J. Cimonetti

William J. Cimonetti

General Electric, Erie, Pa., has formed a new marketing organi- zation, the International and

Transportation Equipment Divi- sion (ITED). William J. Cimo- netti has been named to head the division as vice president and gen- eral manager.

The appointment was an- nounced by Carl J. Schlemmer, vice president and general man- ager of the company's Transporta- tion Systems Business operations in Erie. ITED is a part of Mr.

Schlemmer's operations.

The new division is responsible for domestic and international marketing of transportation prod- ucts for the marine, oil drilling, mining, and general manufactur- ing industries as well as metropol- itan transit systems; and for inter- national marketing of railroad locomotives.

For six years prior to his present appointment Mr. Cimonetti was general manager of General Elec- tric's Armament and Electrical

Systems Department, located in

Burlington, Vt. 771 First Avenue

King of Prussia, PA 19406 (215) 265-0556

Telex: 902-528

TWX: 710-670-1122

A Division of Telefiex Incorporated (USA)

RMVA Telefiex for more than 40 years has advanced the development of mechanical cable control technology...our systems are specified worldwide. The latest application of Telefiex system technology is the new

Remote Mechanical Valve Actuation

System...this system replaces outdated reach rods with a single closed-loop valve actuation system.

Based on a rack and pinion concept, a helix cable is driven by rotary motion at the operator station actuator...travels linearly through the conduit...and drives the valve station actuator to operate the valve.

RMVA is a complete system...ready for in- stallation...cost effective.

Telefiex provides with the RMVA...single source responsibility.

Call or write today for your free

RMVA design manual. •v- apte* ij'SjS" -*1- - n

INCORPORATED Helen ex •• defense/aerospace „

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