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The ultimate hunter of North America is the great horned owl, perfectly adapted to survive where many other species can't even compete. In the darkest night the owl's eye structure permits perfect vision at light levels only '/looth of that needed by man—night to an owl appears much like an overcast day to us. Adding to this binocular vision is an ex- tremely acute and highly directional sense of hearing, on the order of ten times better than man's. So, the owl, with unequaled senses of sight and hearing, able to determine direction accurate to within just one degree is almost never completely in the dark.

At sea, you're never in the dark with any of

Furuno's line of award winning small radars.

Not only is your sight extended to ranges of up to 72 miles, but Furuno radars all feature custom designed microwave IC circuitry that greatly enhances receiver sensitivity while, at the same time, reducing routine maintenance needs.

From the supercompact 3kW Model 2400 with radome antenna up to the 25kW FR-721 with 6.5' open antenna array, these Furuno radars have a bright 7" monochrome CRT and a wide variety of antenna lengths, output powers, and performance features available.

With Furuno, there's never an excuse to be without exactly the radar you need when you really need it.

Come in out of the dark and see our full range of radars at any of the more than 200 authorized Furuno dealer outlets. And, every

Furuno radar is backed by our exclusive Life-

Line warranty protection administered by our dealer network. 0

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South San Francisco, CA 94083

Tel. 415-873-9393/Telex 331419

Furuno. Choice of the professionals. ^yjj INDUSTRY > 1984 Furuno U.S.A., Inc.

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