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Britain-Marine Industry (continued from page 24) market leaders in the supply of ships' equipment. Chadburn Bloc- tube manufactures traditional ships' telegraphs and a modern range of push-button engine con- trols and event recorders. The Mark 2000 recorder, recently supplied to six icebreakers of the Canadian

Coast Guard and the P&O cruise liner Royal Princess, is a micropro- cessor-controlled unit providing a printout record of ship's actions throughout a voyage, with an op- tional VDU facility.

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The A. Robinson (Engineering

Services) division provides mechan- ical rotary controls and valve actua- tors for warships, and is currently supplying new frigates and MCMVs of the Royal Navy.

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Clayton Crane & Hoist Company manufactures ships' hoists and en- gine room cranes. These are now being installed in the Blue Star ships being built at Harland &


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Cummins Diesel

Cummins Diesel produces marine propulsion and auxiliary drive en- gines, together with generator sets.

Engines are manufactured at Dar- lington and Daventry in the U.K. (Columbus, Ind. and Charleston,

S.C. in the U.S.) ranging up to 1,600 bhp.

Twin Cummins KT19M engines of 365 bhp each, driving Aquamas- ter propulsion units, are currently being installed in the long series of 190-foot coasters being built by

Yorkshire Dry Dock in Hull.

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Hamworthy Engineering Ltd. of

Poole in Dorset is a leading supplier of pumps and air compressors worldwide, about 65 percent of its production being for export. Of par- ticular significance is a contract to supply starting air compressors for the U.S. Navy fleet oilers (T-AO) being built at Avondale Shipyards.

Air compressors are also being sup- plied for five T5 tankers being built at Tampa Shipyard.

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International Paint

International Paint reports it has one of the largest world market shares for all marine coatings. The 10 years since its Intersmooth SPC was launched have seen dramatic changes in the marine coatings in- dustry. The fuel-saving benefits as- sociated with virtual elimination of hull fouling over extended periods with maintenance of hull smooth- ness have been well demonstrated.

March 1, 1985

With the 1983 introduction of In- tersmooth HiSOL, shipowners were able to plan for five years between drydockings. Another copolymer antifouling is Interswift; since its introduction just two years ago it has been applied to more than 650 vessels.

International Paint Marine Coat- ings manufactures worldwide and in the U.K. at Gateshead. The compa- ny is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Courtols Group.

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An international company now part of the Kone Group, MacGre- gor-Navire provides some 60 to 70 percent of the cargo access equip- ment to ships building around the world. MacGregor-Navire (UK) manufactures bow and stern doors, ramps, cargo lifts, and hatch covers at Whitley Bay in Yorkshire for ships built in the U.K. and some other countries.

Bow ramps, stern ramps, and side-loading facilities have been supplied for the MacBrayne ferries under construction at Cochrans of (continued on page 32)

Main Office: 8700 West Flagler. P.O. Box 025500, Miami, Florida 33102-5500; Phone (305) 551-5200; Telex Marine Sales, Towing and Supply — 51-9452, Cable

BelOilCo/Miami, Florida. Bunkering Ports: EAST COAST-Miami. Port Everglades. W. Palm Beach, Cape Canaveral. Savannah, Norfolk, New York. Boston, GULF

COAST-Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Point Comfort, New Orleans, Gulfport. Pascagoula, Mobile, Pensacola, Tampa. Port Manatee INLAND-Memphis Marketing

Offices and/or Terminals: AL-Mobile. AR-West Memphis. FL-Cape Canaveral. W. Palm Beach, Port Everglades. Miami. Port Manatee. Tampa, Pensacola,

Tallahassee. GA-Savannah. LA-New Orleans. MA-Boston. NY-New York. TX-Corpus Christi. VA-Norfolk.

Subsidiary of The Coastal Corporation

Helcherti Marine Fuels, Fuel Oils, Gasoline and Bulk Lubricants r«

The Energy People

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Belcher's bunkering experience and expertise results in saving you money with quick and efficient turnarounds. Service has been a

Belcher tradition for over 68 years.

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