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Britain-Marine Industry (continued from page 27)

Selby. The Appledore-built re- search vessel Charles Darwin has a 20-ton gantry for lowering and rais- ing survey equipment at the stern, and the Yorkshire Dry Dock cargo ships have MacGregor single-pull covers—to mention but a few of the latest installations in the U.K.

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NEI Clarke Chapman

A part of Northern Engineering

Industries, NEI Clarke Chapman is a long-time supplier of deck cranes, winches, and windlasses. Despite the general recession in shipping, the company has been expanding its production and work force, largely by taking advantage of opportuni- ties in the offshore industry.

A joint venture company has been formed with the Australian Aquila

Company to manufacture offshore cranes for the North Sea industry and mooring equipment. The com-

Right—The crane shop at Clarke Chap- man's Victoria works. Shown are eight elec- tric deck cranes (two ship sets) for Blue

Star reefers building at Harland & Wolff and an offshore crane for the Heimdal platform in the North Sea pany has acquired the assets of

Donkin & Company, well known for the manufacture of steering gear, windlasses, and capstans. Among re- cent contracts are eight deck cranes for the four Blue Star reefers now under construction at Harland &

Wolff, and an offshore crane for the

Heimdal platform in the North


The holding company, NEI, ac- quired the Pearlson Engineering

Company of Miami five years ago, and manufactures hoisting equip- ment for that company's Syncrolift® ship-lifting platforms installed around the world including the two largest, at Todd Pacific Shipyards

Corporation's Los Angeles Division, and the Vickers submarine facility at Barrow in Furness, U.K., which is now under construction.

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Perkins Engines in Peterborough,

England, is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of diesel engines, including marine diesels in a range from 40 to 800 bhp, and outputs from 25 to 825 kva for generating duty.

In March 1984 Perkins acquired the diesel engine business of Rolls-

Royce Diesels International based at Shrewsbury, which raised its top output for propulsion engines from 350 to 800 bhp. The Shrewsbury engines are well suited for heavy- duty workboats, with conservative long-life ratings and appropriate op- tions such as clutched power takeoffs. Also incorporated are ser- vice features allowing long periods of continuous operation.

The Shrewsbury engines also compete effectively in the light- duty commercial and pleasure sec- tors, where their efficient design, (continued on page 34)

Raytheon Service Co.


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