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NEW FROM RACAL MARINE % Modular Design Brings a Radical New Idea to Complex ARM Systems:

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The scope of IMO-mandatory ARPA continues to grow. In the near future, ARPA will be required on all larger vessels. The only variable is when.

AC (Anti-Collision) 1690 Module

True motion. 9 relative motion target markers for collision avoidance monitoring.

ARPA Relief:

Modular Design: Economy without Compromise.

Racal-Decca Master Radar systems can cost less— to buy, to upgrade, to service—because of a modu- lar design that fits several radar applications, not just ARPA systems. Major production economies and service simplicity are the results. And with over 500 radar service locations worldwide, quick effi- cient service helps control operating costs by keep-

RM (Relative Motion) 1690 Radar 16" display.

Bright recycled video.

Clearscan® videoprocessing for best picture in foul weather. ing Master Radars... and ships... running.

Although the "building block" design is new, the Racal-Decca ARPA technology is extensively proven in operation around the world. ARPA 1690 meets or exceeds IMO standards. And collision- avoidance features of the AC module are an instant internal back-up to ARPA capabilities.

Radar today... ARPA tomorrow. You can start with the basic RM 1690 system and upgrade with

AC and ARPA modules at low cost as you need them

Plan your smartest path to meeting ARPA require- ments with Racal-Decca Master Radar.

ARPA (Automatic Radar

Plotting Aid) 1690 Module:

Automatic tracking of 15 targets.

Automatic collision-prediction alarms.

Pre-plotting shows effects of trial maneuvers.

Easy to use "operator-proof" programming.

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