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Diesel Equipment

KHD (continued from page 27) operating costs, increasing operat- ing reliability, and reducing the workload for shipboard personnel.

With the SIS, the ship's engine is fitted with a number of sensors that record the characteristic engine op- eration data. These data are trans- mitted via satellite to the KHD computer center, where the comput- er compares the periodically trans- mitted operating data with the fig- ures recorded in the test report made at the time of engine accept- ance at the KHD factory, and the basic data entered during engine commissioning by the owner.

The results of the individual data comparison are evaluated by skilled

KHD engineers, who prepare an en- gine status report with trend analy- sis, which is sent to the shipowner together with recommendations re- garding necessary maintenance work. Based on the information re- ceived, the owner will decide on the measures to be taken. The SIS sys- tem further includes an individual maintenance schedule tailored to the actual operating conditions of a particular engine installation, pro- viding a base for long-term plan- ning.

SIS furnishes the shipowner not only with an efficient means for cost-saving planning of mainte- nance and service work, but also with engine records over long ser- vice periods.

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Korody-Colyer Corporation of

Wilmington, Calif., one of the world's largest after-market compo- nent manufacturers, produces a complete line of replacement parts for the Detroit Diesel most popular

Series 53, 71, and 92 engines. All

K-C parts, new and rebuilt, are said to equal or exceed OEM in every way except price, which is generally 20 percent lower on components from individual replacement to complete engine overhaul.

K-C has made diesel engine injec- tors and other components a spe- cialty for more than 20 years, and its entire line is backed by a compre- hensive factory warranty. All new and remanufactured K-C parts, in- cluding the exclusive matched and balanced sets of injectors, are war- ranted equal to new.

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For more than 50 years, marine engineers, naval architects, and ves- sel owners and operators around the world have been familiar with the

Lips name. Lips Propellers, Inc. is headquartered in Chesapeake, Va.

Since 1962, Lips has manufac- tured a family of controllable-pitch propellers to keep pace with the changing speed, power, and size re- quirements of modern vessels. Me- chanically and hydrodvnamically more sophisticated than the tradi- tional monobloc propeller, today's

CPP systems are the result of Lips' vast experience, research, and de- velopment. The company has made a thorough study of the effects of seawater, ice, sand, shock, vibration, and fatigue. Lips has designed CPP systems that provide high efficien- cy, low maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly, and maximum re- liability. The product line consists of three models—the C-type for up to 50,000 shp, the LC-type for a range of 1,200 to 7,000 shp, and the

L-tvpe for 200 to 2,400 shp.

To date, Lips has supplied the marine industry worldwide with

CPP installations for an aggregate of more than 8,840,000 horsepower.

Since 1975, the company has sup- plied 40 dynamically positioned drillship installations.

Complementing the CPP thruster installations are Lips' ANCOS 2000 and ANCOS 4000 electronic analog control systems. The ANCOS 2000 is applied when there is one prime mover per shaft line; the 4000 sys- tem is involved with multiple prime movers per shaft line, or very high levels of vessel control automation.

Lips' transverse tunnel thrusters are available in fixed—or controlla- ble-pitch configurations. The FT

Model fixed-pitch thrusters range from 100 to 2,700 horsepower; the

CT controllable-pitch models range from 200 to 3,650 horsepower.

The standard components of Lips thrusters, both FT and CT, include the propeller, pod with right-angle gearing, hydraulic control unit (for the CT series), the lubricating and hydralic system, remote control, and starting equipment. The tunnel is fitted with a stainless-steel liner welded in the way of the propeller to prevent local erosion of the tunnel.

Tunnels are provided in standard lengths for each size thruster; other lengths can be supplied upon re- quest.

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Founded in 1902, Lufkin Indus- tries Inc. of Lufkin, Texas, has an established reputation for building dependable heavy machinery. The company begin building marine gears durihg World War II, and started marketing units of its own design in 1956. Since then, Lufkin has built thousands of diesel-driven marine gears with outputs ranging from 450 to 20,000 bhp. Applica- tions include oceangoing tugs, river towboats, tug/supply vessels, tank- ers, Great Lakes ore carriers, harbor tugs, fishing craft, and many other vessels.

While Lufkin looks on its past accomplishments with pride, it real- izes that diesel power systems are changing and demands placed on the reduction gear are getting more complex. With this in mind, the

Texas company is maintaining its





Lightweight Honeycomb Doors

U.S. Navy Approved


Aluminum Honeycomb *GRP/Nomex° Aramid

TYPE 3 *CRES Honeycomb "Steel Honeycomb

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