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A new era in product oil carrier design.

The Superior Performance of the EPOCH MARK II Series:

Conventional EPOCH MARK II

Tank configuration

Hitachi Zosen has developed the EPOCH

MARK n series which has a unique structure not found on conventional ship designs.

Revolutionary in concept, the MARKII incorporates a unidirectional girder system combined with a complete double hull structure.

While a ship's hull is customarily designed with a grillage of longitudinal and transverse members for strength, this system uses only longitudinal members in a double hull to provide sufficient strength.

This unidirectional girder system results in unprecedented structural simplicity and completely flush surfaced cargo tank interior.

MARKII product oil carriers provide unrivaled advantages in performances over more conventional designs.

The EPOCH MARK n series is available in 40, 60 and 80 thousands dwt designs. And has won the approval of leading classification societies (ABS, BV, LR, NK, NV). At present many worldwide patents are under application.

Hitachi Zosen is also expanding this new structural system for the development of combination cargo carriers such as PROBO or

OBO carriers other than oil tankers.

Cargo/ballast segregation * ***

Unloading efficiency unloading time • *** stripping * ***

Cargo tank cleaning cleaning time * *** completeness * ***

Gas free cargo tank * *** ballast tank ** **

Cargo tank heating * ***

Cargo purity * *** cargo tank coating * ***

Maintenance ballast tank coating ** hull construction * ***

Safety crack free ** *** stranding & collision * *** *•*•*: Excellent **: Good -k Normal We build industries Hitachi Zosen


HITACHI ZOSEN INTERNATIONAL, S.A.: London Winchester House, 77 London Wall, London, FX2N 1BO, England Phone: 01-628 3891/8 Tele. 887873/884009 Greece: 98-B Filonos Street, Piraeus, Greece Phone: 452-7548/9

Tele*: 212943

HITACHI ZOSEN U.S.A. LTD.: New York: 345 Park Avenue. New York. N.Y. 10154, U S A. Phone: 212 355-5650 Telex: 232036A, 232036B, 12 6582. 710 581 6099 Houston: Suite 3080, Two Allen Center, 1200 Smith Street, Houston. Texas 77002, U.S.A. Phone: 713-658-0136/8 Telex: 6868224, 203134. 775038

HITACHI ZOSEN CORPORATION: 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Ch,yoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan Phone: 213-6611 Telex: J22363, J24490 OVERSEAS OFFICES & SUBSIDIARIES: Oslo: Raadhusgaten 4, Oslo 1, Norway Phone: 2-41 12 75 Telex: 76934 Dusseldorf: Graf Adolf Strasse 24. Dusseldorl, West Germany Phone: 0211 (DUES)-133011~4 Telex: 8587231 Beijing: Rm. No. 6087. Beijing Hot-1. Dong Chang An Jie, Beijing. The People's Republic of China Phone: 50-7766 Ext 6087 Telex: 22519 Hitachi Zosen Engineering Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.: UOB Building. 325 Boon Lay Place, Jurong, Singapore 2262 Phone: 264 1344 Telex: RS21999 Hitachi Zosen Company (HKJ Limited: Rm. 1007-1009. Tak Shing House, 20 Des Voeux Road,

Central, Hong Kong Phone S-223350,5 220597 or 5-246237 Telex: 73648 Hitachi Zosen Industria Pesada Limitada: Rua Mexico 90. Grupo 610, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil Phone: 240-9098, 240-9047 Telex: 2122904 48

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