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Dennis Good (above) addresses guests at the christening ceremonies for the Gulf

Island V.

Below John Hadaway looks on as Patsy

Hadaway christens the vessel.

The Gulf Island V, a giant self- elevating, self-propelled lift boat ca- pable of servicing rigs in deep water, was christened recently in New Or- leans by its operator, Blue Streak-

Gulf Island Operations of Belle

Chasse, La.

The vessel was christened by

Patsy Hadaway, wife of John

Hadaway, executive vice-presi- dent of Gulf Island Marine of Baton

Rouge, La.

The new 96-foot by 48-foot boat is equipped with three 175-foot legs enabling the jackup vessel to work in water up to 125 feet.

Dennis Good, president of Blue

Streak-Gulf Island Operations, said the Gulf Island V is one of the larg- est and most versatile vessels of its type in the world. It includes air- conditioned quarters and galley fa- cilities for 42 persons, a large heli- port, a 75-ton-capacity crane, two 75-kw generators, 3,200 square feet of open deck space for up to 250,000 pounds of deck cargo and more.

Lift boats move to and from off- shore installations under their own power. Once alongside a rig or plat- form, the boat lowers its elevated legs to the ocean floor and becomes a stable platform from which a vari- ety of work is performed. Some of the more than 20 functions are: sandblasting and painting; wireline work; pile and conductor driving; salvage work; work platform for fab- rication crews; quarters for work crews; diving support; and coring.

Blue Streak-Gulf Island Opera- tions operates a fleet of 16 self-pro- pelled lift boats with leg lengths from 75 feet to 200 feet. Mr. Good noted that all 16 vessels in the Blue

Streak-Gulf Island Operations fleet are currently under work contracts.

The new boat was built by Blue

Streak Industries, Inc. of Pearling- ton, Miss. Blue Streak is currently one of the world's largest builders of lift boats, having built and delivered 30 such vessels since 1979.

For additional information and free literature on Blue Streak-Gulf

Island Operations vessels, capabili- ties and services

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Blue Streak-Gulf Island Operations

Christens Giant Lift Boat 16th Vessel Joins The Fleet


Equipment List

Main Propulsion Engines (2) . .Detroit Bow Thruster 16V92N engines w/ Twin Disc MG527 reverse reduction gears w/383:l re- duction & front PTO w/MARCO E1400 adapter

Propellers (2) Michigan 58" dia. x 38" pitch, 4-blade bronze

Generators (2) . . 75-kw International

Electric generators driven by Detroit

Diesel 6-71N engines turning 1,200 rpm

Bow Thruster/Auxiliary

Crane Engine (1) . . Detroit Diesel 6-7IN engine w/front PTO

Mod 75 Crane Engine (1) ... Detroit

Diesel 8V71N

Jacking Pump Drives (2) . . Funk Mod 593c triple pump drives

Jacking Pumps & Motors (6) . Rexroth

AA4V 90EL variable displacement mo- tors

Jacking Planetaries (24) Tulsa

P25 boxes w/101.7:l reduction & rated 25,000 Ft. Lnbs. output torque

Jacking Controls (3) OEM

Ms4 12-volt controllers

Engine Controls . . Kobelt Air Controls

Steering System Orbitrol w/2-7'/2 hp electric motors

Model 15 crane RECO Mod. RC 15DT50 hydraulic crane w/50-ft double taper box 7300M

Model 75 Crane Blue Streak Industries

Model M-75 closed loop hydraulic crane rated 150,000# at 30 Ft radius w/110 ft lattice boom, Rexroth

AA4V125 125EL pumps, Hagglunds 43 series k/inch motors, OEM controls,

Markload weight/angle indicator and

Rotec 10,000 series roller bearing

Blue Streak Industries

Model BT125, closed loop hydraulic pump and Texroth AA2F180 motors and Michigan 28" dia. x 18" pitch 3- blade bronze propellers

Bilge/Ballast/Fire Pumps (2)

Peabody Barnes Mod 15CCE 3" x 3", driven by Marathon Electric 7 'i-hp motors

Fuel Oil Transfer Pump (1) . . . Goulds 7 HR

Portable Water System (2) . . Peabody

Barnes, 3A-hp pressure sets w/prefilt- er and Aquapure secondary filter

Air Compressors (2) Kellogg 5-hp Compressors w/120 gal receiv- ers

Switch Gear . . . Continental Electric

Split Buss w/shore power connection

Navigational Equipt:

Richie Compass (2)

Carlisle Finch 15" searchlights

Perkco Navigational Lights

Kahlenberg horn

Sailer VHF radio

Standard VHF radio

IDM-RD 370 radar

Harris SSB radio

Standard L.B. FM radio

Loran SIT 760C

Rathon Loudhailer

Datamarine DAT 3000 depth recorder

Water Maker Sea Recovery 1,200 gal/day reverse osmosis unit

Overboard Pumps (2) Goulds

Mod 25EL10422

Water Heaters (2) State 82-gal capacity

Air Conditioning .... Trane Central units w/six compressor units & three condensing units 1/ERREdULT


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