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non-destructive testing equipment.

It is no longer necessary to break- test wire rope to prove its condi- tion.

During the first half of 1985, three

Syncrolift projects were commis- sioned. An eight-hoist (137-ton ca- pacity each) shiplift in Howth, Ire- land, for the Office of Public Works is now operational. This facility is part of the Department of Fisheries plan to develop Howth as a major fishery harbor. The platform meas- ures 36.5 by 12.2 meters and has a maximum lifting capacity of 875 metric tons.

At the port of Iskerderun in Tur- key, the Syncrolift is part of the new

Vessel Maintenance Facilities oper- ated by Turkish State Railways.

This installation incorporates eight 244-ton hoists, has a platform 40- meters long and 22-meters wide, and has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,440-metric tons.

In Japan, the second Syncrolift caisson lift has been completed for

Penta Ocean Construction Compa- ny at Yunotsu. This lift incorpo- rates eighteen 376-ton-capacity hoists, has a platform 30.1-meters long by 21-meters wide, and has a maximum design capacity of 200 tons per meter.

Recent orders include a Syncrolift of the Oman Navy. Hochtief Ak- tiengesellschaft of Essen, West Ger- many, has contracted for an 8,580- metric-ton maximum-lifting-capac- ity shiplift on behalf of the Sulta- nate of Oman. This facility will have a platform 106-meters long by 18.5- meters wide, and utilize forty 244- metric-ton capacity hoists.

Syncrolift continues to maintain its overwhelming market position with its proven design and easy-to- maintain, reliable components.

Since the original invention in 1954 by Raymond Pearlson, Syncro- lift has revolutionized the way mod- ern shipyards are planned. drydock will be developed by Sener- mar using its FORAN international- ly accepted CAD/CAM system, which will produce architectural calculations, classification drawings, and construction design. During construction of the drydock at Cal- lao, all technical assistance will be provided by Senermar, including the provision of on-site engineers.

Supply of materials will be han- dled by INDUNARES—the Span- ish Association of Shipbuilding

Auxiliary Industry—and will cover cranes, pumps, compressors, gener- ating sets, steel, pipe, valves, etc.

This "total package" approach was also taken with the floating dock constructed recently at ASMAR of Chile's Talcahuano yard, which is owned and operated by Socibar, a joint venture of ASMAR and E.N.

Bazan of Spain. Capable of handling vessels of up to 30,000 dwt, this dock was also designed by Senermar, in- cluding technical assistance for ma- terial specifications.

Having applied this "total pack- age" approach to the construction of two floating drydocks, it seems like- ly that Senermar will use it again on future contracts.


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The San Diego shipyard of South- west Marine, Inc. (SWI) last year accepted delivery of the 22,000-ton- capacity drydock Pride of San Die-

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It remembers...


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Senermar S.A. of Madrid and Bi- labo, Spain, naval architects and shipyard designers, recently re- ceived a contract to design a new floating drydock that will be owned by the Peruvian Navy and operated by the Peruvian shipbuilder and repairer, Sima Peru. This dock, with a lifting capacity of 4,500 tons and capable of handling vessels of up to approximately 9,000 dwt, will be built at Sima Peru's Callao ship- yard.

Sima Peru, which has three yards—at Callao, Iquitos, and

Chimbote—employs about 1,000 workers on newbuilding and 2,100 on repairs, and can construct ships of up to 65,000 dwt including tank- ers, multi-purpose vessels, and war- ships. The company can repair ves- sels of up to 65,000 dwt including tankers, multi-purpose vessels, and warships. The company can repair vessels of up to 26,000 dwt at the

Callao yard.

The Senermar contract involves design, technical assistance, the supply of all major material, and financing. The design of the Sima

September 1, 1985

Alden's new Marinefax VI weather chart recorder remembers. It remem- bers the frequencies you use most often. In fact it remembers every weather frequency in the world. And it even remembers to turn itself on and off-automatically-when you want it to.

It's Programmable (3) "Enter the Time OFF." It then repeats the steps for additional charts, remembering up to 250 on- off events.

Want to change your program?

Put the recorder in "Edit" mode. The

LCD lets you "read" your program, or delete any program instruction. A special "Delete" code lets you drop the whole program and start fresh.

It's Incredible

Marinefax VI lets you program the recorder to automatically receive the exact charts you want. You tell the recorder when to come on, what frequency to receive, when to change frequency, or when to go off.

The recorder follows your direc- tions, whether you're ashore or busy elsewhere. This is of value not only when you want maps from different transmitters, but when a single site requires different frequencies for day and night operation.

It's Self-Prompting

Does this sound complicated?

It isn't.Just put the recorder into "Program" mode and the LCD display leads you through the steps: (1) "Enter the Time

ON," (2) "Enter radio frequency,"

All the frequencies in the world are stored in permanent memory. By simply hitting two buttons to call up a transmit site, you put all its fre- quencies in local memory for instant selection of the frequency with the best reception.

A local memory stores up to ten stations of your choice for recall with just one button. As with previous

Marinefax models, any HF frequency may be manually entered into the radio.

It's Reliable

Marinefax has won NMEA's reliabil- ity award for five straight years and is the most compact fax-equipment on the market. It can operate on AC or DC; no external inverter is needed.

With ships power off, Marinefax Vl's internal power keeps its micropro- cessors programmed for up to a year.

And Alden doesn't forget you after your one-year warranty expires.

Our unique service plan guarantees fixed-price service no matter how old your Marinefax gets. For more than 40 years, Alden has specialized in weather products, serving not only mariners but professional meteor- ologists, national and international weather services. • Please send me complete information on

Marinefax VI. • I enclosed S12.45 for a copy of your book,

A Mariner's Guide to Radiofacsimile

Weather Charts.


Address. .State.

Alden Electronics, 126 Washington Street,

Westborough, MA 01581 (617) 366-8851

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