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Tidewater Marine Acquires 5 Vessels From Otto Candies

Tidewater Inc.'s marine subsid- iary, Tidewater Marine Service,

Inc., has completed an agreement to purchase a package of five vessels from Otto Candies, Inc. of Des Alle- mands, La.

According to an announcement by John P. Laborde, Tidewater chairman and chief executive offi- cer, on 135-foot, 5,600-bhp tug; three 105-foot, 3,600-bhp tugs; and one 300-foot offshore deck cargo barge will be acquired from Candies in exchange for approximately 600,000 shares of Tidewater com- mon stock. Candies is a major pro- vider of marine support services for the offshore oil and gas industry.

It is anticipated that three of the vessels will join Tidewater Marine's foreign fleet. The remaining tug and cargo barge will be placed in service in the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to owning and operat- ing one of the world's largest fleets of vessels supporting the offshore oil and gas industry, Tidewater is ac- tive in oil and gas exploration and production, and in the air and natu- ral gas compression business.

Mathers Wins $1-Million

Contract For Control

Systems For 16 Cutters

A $l-million contract has been awarded to Mathers Controls Inc. to manufacture the propulsion control system for 16 Coast Guard cutters.

The contract calls for the Seattle- based firm to supply an engine room console, pilothouse console, two bridge wing consoles, two local en- gine control panels and a variety of components and sensors for each of the 210-foot Medium Endurance

Cutters. The existing fleet of 16 ships is scheduled for complete overhaul during the next several years under the Coast Guard fleet

Revitalization and Modernization


Literature is available on the full line of Mathers controls. For a free copy,

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American Air Filter

Offers New Brochure

On Cartridge Filters

Newly revised literature from

American Air Filter, an Allis-

Chalmers company, is now available on AMER-kleen cartridge filters for marine and stationary applications.

The AMER-kleen cartridge filter is a glass fiber filter that successful- ly cleans the intake air for high- horsepower engines. Characteristics of AMER-kleen cartridge filters make them ideally suited for clean- ing the intake air to engines located in most climates. Features include high filtering efficiency, high dust holding capacity, low operating cost,

September 1, 1985 1 1 ease of installation and mainte- nance, and long service life.

The eight-page, four-color bro- chure, illustrated with photographs and drawings, discusses the filter's advantages and gives test proce- dures, performance data and sizing information.

For a free copy of "Marine

AMER-kleen Cartridge Filters for

Marine and Stationary Applica- tions,"

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Hawker Siddeley/Kongsberg

Collaborate In Venture —Literature Available

Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engi- neering Limited and Kongsberg

Limited have entered into an agree- ment to establish a joint interna- tional marketing and sales venture for computer-based dynamic posi- tioning and machinery control sys- tems for naval vessels.

A complete systems approach for platform control of naval vessels will be provided by the two compa- nies. The Albatross division of

Kongsberg is a market leader in dynamic positioning systems;

Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engi- neering is a major supplier of ma- chinery automation equipment, such as computer-based integrated steering and propulsion control sys- tems.

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Protect your vessels... with tough Duramax Tow-Knee Pusher Plates

Quality engineered Duramax Tow-Knee Pusher Plates provide superior protection. These impact absorbing bumpers give vessels longer and better service life.




Part (Thick- (Width) (Length) (Bate) (Surface Approx.

Number ness) Width) Width) Wt. Per


OB-1408 3/4" 10" 36" 8" 7" 90 lbs.

DB-1409 1/2" 10" 36" 8" 7" 65 lbs.

DB-1410 1/4" 10" 36" 8" 7" 50 lbs.

DB-1508 3/4" 13-1/2" 36" 11-1/4" 10-1/4" 130 lbs.

DB-1509 1/2" 13-1/2" 36" 11-1/4" 10-1/4" 90 lbs

DB-1510 1/4" 13-1/2" 36" 11-1/4" 10-1/4" 70 lbs. > h -J



DOUBLE TOW-KNEES • - — 8"- >- — 7- — T I / \ \


A B C Approx.

Part (Thick- (width) (Length) Wt. Per

Number ness) Unll

DB-1608 3/4" 20" 36" 190 lbs.

DB-1609 1/2" 20" 36" 135 lbs.

DB-1610 1/4" 20" 36" 85 lbs







A (Thick- ness) (Width) (Length) Approx.

Wt. Per


DB-1708 IS- 3/4" 10" 28-1/4" 80 lbs.

DB-1709 IS-1/4" 1/2" 10" 28-5/8" 60 lbs

DB-1710 18-1/2" 1/4" 10" 29-1/16" 40 lbs •Aluminum plates available on special request.

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A Subsidiary of Duramax Inc.

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