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Folk 16-Foot Bull Gear

Transmits 12,000 Horsepower —Free Brochure Available

The 65,000-pound main drive gear shown above was designed and fabricated by The Falk

Corporation of Milwaukee for a Midwest steel mill. It carries a nominal load of 12,000 hp at 65 rpm, and features cast/weld construction to meet severity of service.

The huge gear, with mating drive shaft, was fabricated, machined, and assembled wholly within Falk's facilities. Weighing more than 25 average-size automobiles, the 100,000-pound as- sembly was completed and delivered in 17 weeks to meet an urgent need.

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Falk's product line,

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Inventive Machine Introduces

Improved Blast/Vacuum Units —Free Literature Available

Inventive Machine Corporation's Blast n'Vac pneumatic blasting and recovery system that allows abrasive blasting and vacuum recovery simultaneously now offers three improved pack- ages to meet production needs—BNVP-3, -4, and -5. The working weight of hand held compo- nents has been reduced by 50 percent as a result of new urethane hoses and aluminum workheads (photo), providing greater ease of use and flexi- bility.

The Blast n'Vac system is designed for blast- ing in sensitive areas that are usually considered too costly, too much trouble, or too hazardous to

U.S. subsidiary of large European Diesel engine builder is looking for a

Project/Sales Manager for medium-speed 4-stroke Diesel engines in the

United States. The position is located in the New York metropolitan area.

Experience in other similar positions and a profound knowledge of the U.S. industry are essential prerequi- sites.

Please apply to:

Box 903 Maritime Reporter 118 East 25th Street

New York, NY 10010

Floating Revolving Crane 35+ Ton American Electric Whirley Crane Mounted on 145' X 50' X 11' Steel Barge. Steel Deck House,

Electric Capstans, GM Diesel Generator. Air Com- pressor, Welding Machine, Lights With Shoreline

Power Capability. Recently renovated and may be seen in Operation.


Call George Frentz

Industrial Supply Co.

New Orleans, La. 70186 504-944-3371 P.O. Box 26087 work in, such as inside tanks, offshore rigs and ships, bridges over waterways, and in high-traf- fic areas. Due to immediate retrieval of abrasive residue at the blast point, this system eliminates hazardous dust clouds, contamination, and clean-up after blasting. Blast production rates vary according to nozzle size, type of surface to be blasted, coating to be removed, or degree of blast required, but normal in-service rates can range from 60 to 240 square feet per hour.

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G. Sam Sharkins, president, has spent the last eight years working for ERC and EVAK

Vacuum Sewage Systems along with the U.S.

Navy Research Lab, in the manufacturing and development of vacuum sewage systems. Mil- ton Rapuk Jr. was a civilian engineer at the

Navy Research Lab with over 13 years' experi- ence and was instrumental in developing the fire main powered eductor sewage system.

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Barksdale Controls Presents

Line of Pressure Transducers —New Free Brochure Available

A new 24-page catalog from Barksdale Con- trols Division presents the company's diverse line of semiconductor strain-gauge pressure transducers. Standard models are available with milli-gauge volt, voltage, milliampere and fre- quency outputs, with gauge pressures from 0-50 to 0-10,000 psig and absolute ranges from 0-50 to 0-300 psia. Other standard design features include full-scale accuracy of ±.5cc including nonlinearity, hysteresis and repeatability, and thermal effects and sensitivity to a predictable ±.02rc/°F over a compensated temperature range of + 30°F to +130°F. Pressure ports are either 1{-18NPT or &-20UNF.

Individual product presentations include complete performance specifications, materials of construction, all available modifications and options, and ordering information. A tutorial compares strain-gauge pressure transducers with other types. A glossary of transducer termi- nology and a discussion of transducer applica- tions are also included.

In addition to pressure transducers, Barks- dale Controls Division, Transamerica Delaval

Inc., is a manufacturer of electromechanical and solid-state temperature controls, pressure/vacu- um switches, Shear-Seal® brand directional con- trol valves, high-pressure regulator valves, mi- croprocessor-controlled selector valves, and the industry's only solid-state pressure switch.

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Envirovac Inc. Appoints

Environmental Systems

Manufacturer's Representative

To U.S. Marine Industry

Frank J. Eubank, executive vice president and general manager of Envirovac Inc. of Rock- ford, 111., recently announced the appointment of Environmental Systems Inc. (ESI) of Arnold,

Md., as a manufacturer's representative to assist in the sale of vacuum sewage systems to the U.S. marine industry (government and commercial).

The principals of ESI have been involved with

Limitorque Introduces New

Worm Gear Operators For

Valve Or Mechanism Control —Technical Literature Available

A new "T" Series worm gear operator for manual and motorized control of any valve or mechanism requiring 90-degree rotation is now available from Limitorque Corporation in

Lynchburg, Va.

The new operators are available in two series: a commercial series for general industry applica- tions utilizing ductile iron worm gears; and an

A WW A series meeting AWWA C504-80 specifi- cations and incorporating bronze worm gears.

All components in both series feature rugged, high-strength cast iron enclosures; self-locking worm gears with minimum gear backlash; fully

O-ringed sealed construction; and external me- chanical stops to provide plus or minus travel adjustability. The units are built for outdoor service, are weatherproof, and are permanently lubricated. A wide selection of spur gear attach- ments and optional accessories, to meet virtually any operating requirement, are also available.

Limitorque is a leading international manu- facturer of valve actuators and control systems, with manufacturing facilities, stocking distribu- tors, and sales/service centers nationwide and internationally.

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M.A.N.-B&W Diesel Modernizing

Concept Reduces Fuel Bill

By Approximately 22 Percent

The first conversion using the modernizing concept for a B&W 2-stroke impulse turbo- charged diesel engine was performed earlier this year at the Nippon Kokan K.K. in Japan. The conversion was performed on the ore carrier

Sensho Maru owned by Showa Line. The con- version package was delivered by Mitsui Engi- neering & Shipbuilding Co.

The 191,000-dwt Sensho Maru, which was built by Nippon Kokan K.K. in 1976, was pro- pelled by a 10K90GF, which developed maxi- mum power of 34,100 bhp at 114 rpm. According to the owner, as a result of the conversion of the main engine into a 10K90/70MC, the maximum power will now be 19,300 bhp at 94.5 rpm. Dur- ing the conversion, the propeller was also re- placed by one with a larger diameter.

The conversion reduces the ship's service speed from 15.6 to 13 knots. However, as a result of the conversion, the owner will reduce his fuel bill by approximately 22 percent, while main- taining the same ship speed.

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