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The communications system by

Navitron Communications of Van- couver includes an ITT Mackay 1-kw PEP HF/SSB radiotelephone, two Skanti 400-watt PEP HF/SSB radiotelephones, three VHF/FM transceivers, two VHF/AM trans- ceivers, a watch receiver, an MF/HF radio direction finder, a VHF radio direction finder and radio telex fa- cilities. The vessel is also fitted for future installation of SATCOM and a Glenayre H.F. data terminal.

The machinery and electrical con- trol and monitoring system is fitted to Unmanned Machinery Space re- quirements. The electrical system includes 3 x 450-kw Stamford main generators powered by Caterpillar 3412 diesels and a 140-kw emergen- cy generator with Siemens switch- boards. The ASEA monitoring and control system provides for full monitoring of all machinery sys- tems, including shaft torque and fuel consumption. An interface to the doppler log provides for fuel consumption information based on units of either time or distance.

Modern helicopter facilities have been provided, including an aft heli- copter deck and a DAF Indal re- tractable hangar. For navigation, an

Aqua-Signal helicopter strobe bea- con and VHF homing transmitter is provided. The vessel is fitted with a

Brabazon fueling system that in- cludes provisions for fuel mainte- nance onboard and can handle all grades of aviation fuel. Twin agent and foam systems are installed for firefighting on the helicopter deck.

For maneuvering, the vessel is equipped with a Wagner MK-6 au- topilot with adaptive steering,

Wagner radial steering gear, a

Schilling rudder and an Ulstein bow thruster. The rudder is one of the largest of its type ever installed and is capable of being put over to 72° in either direction to produce trans- verse thrust. The bow thruster is a 250-hp constant speed, variable- pitch tunnel thruster. The hull and machinery are reinforced to Lloyd's

Ice Class 1* for operations in ice.

The wheelhouse design is unique and designed to maximize visibility in all directions. Shaped like a trapezoid with extended wings, it provides for six distinct yet interde- pendent workstations.

The boarding facilities are pro- vided to meet the principal mission of the vessel—boarding offshore trawlers at sea in winds to Beaufort 7. The craft themselves are of the

The port boarding craft in Miranda davit.

September 15, 1985

Watercraft RI-22 type, built by

Crockett McConnell Inc. of Bridge- water, N.S., and are propelled by jet drives powered by Ford Mermaid diesel engines. The port craft is launched by a Miranda davit and the starboard craft by a HIAB 180


Tyne Shiprepair Awarded

Defence Ministry Contract

To Convert Fleet Auxiliary

Tyne Shiprepair Limited (TSL),

Britain's biggest shiprepair compa- ny, has been awarded a multi-mil- lion-pound conversion and refit contract by the Ministry of Defence (Navy). The six-month job is to con- vert the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ship Orangeleaf into a Re- fueling-at-Sea (RAS) vessel, and to continue her annual refit.

The 33,751-dwt tanker was capa- ble of loading and discharging fuel, but was not fitted with RAS equip- ment. The contract will be carried out at TSL's Wallsend Dockyards.

The work entails fitting the RAS equipment, fabricating and fitting a 180-ton deck above the main deck, extending the accommodations to provide extra cabins, recreation rooms, and galleys for a total complement of 60, modifying the cargo pipelines, and improving ra- dio facilities.

Some five years ago TSL carried out a similar contract on behalf of the Defence Ministry when the yard converted a 34,000-dwt products tanker into an RFA, a job that also involved the fitting of RAS equip- ment.

Tyne Shiprepair was returned to private ownership in February 1984 when it was bought from British

Shipbuilders by eight members of the Tyne managment team. Since then, RFAs to visit TSL have in- cluded the Reliant, the Plumleaf, the Falklands-damaged Sir Tristam that TSL is rebuilding under anoth- er multi-million-pound contract, and the Orangeleaf, which docked for two months at an earlier date having the first part of her annual refit carried out.

Another Royal Navy vessel to vis- it TSL is the HMS Euryalus, a

Leander Class frigate that the com- pany is refitting under another mul- ti-million-pound contract at its

Middle Docks yard in South


Edgar Named Commander

Of Corps Of Engineers

South Atlantic Division

Brig. Gen. C. Ernest Edgar III has been selected to become com- mander and division engineer of the

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers'

South Atlantic Division in Atlanta,

Ga. He previously served as acting director of civil works for the Corps' headquarters in Washington, D.C.

He replaces Brig. Gen. Forrest T.

Gay III, who has retired.

As South Atlantic Division Engi- neer, Gen. Edgar will be responsi- ble for an $800-million annual plan- ning, design, and construction pro- gram in seven southeastern states,

Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Is- lands, and Central America.



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