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CSSRA Annual Conference

Set For February 10-11

In Montreal, Canada

All speakers have now been con- firmed for the sessions of the Cana- dian Shipbuilding and Ship Repair- ing Association's (CSSRA) 38th An- nual Technical Conference, CSSRA president Henry Walsh recently announced. The conference will be held Monday, February 10 and

Tuesday, February 11,1986 in Mon- treal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel and is expected to attract members of the marine community from across

Canada and around the world. "Next year's conference will in- clude the first ever Canadian Ship- building & Offshore Exhibition (CSOE '86)," Mr. Walsh noted. "By incorporating CSOE '86 into our technical conference, we expect to attract large numbers of exhib- itors to display or explain their goods and services to the marine industry. The estimated develop- ment costs of the Hibernia oil pro- ject off Newfoundland are $5 bil- lion, and 50 percent of these expen- ditures will be marine-related. This demand could mean employment opportunities and spin-off indus- trial benefits if sourced in Canada.

CSOE '86 will play a major role in highlighting what equipment and services are available from Canadi- an industry. The exhibition, located on the convention floor, will be open from 3 to 7 p.m. on Monday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tues- day."

The technical conference open sessions will begin at 9 a.m. on

Tuesday, February 11 with presen- tations in two adjacent meeting rooms. That evening a banquet will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the hotel's

Grand Salon. Registration for all functions will be held both Monday and Tuesday on the mezzanine lev- el.

The CSSRA Annual Technical

Conference is the largest and best known marine technical conference in Canada. Last year over 800 people attended the conference, in- cluding the international media and

Canadian Government officials.

For additional information on the conference, contact CSSRA secre- tary/treasurer Mrs. Joy Mac-

Pherson, Suite 801, 100 Sparks

Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

KIP 5B7; telephone (613) 232- 7127. $18.3-Million Contract

To Dillingham Ship Repair

For T-ACS Conversion

The Maritime Administration has awarded an $18,396,652 contract to

Dillingham Ship Repair of Port- land, Ore., for the conversion of a

National Defense Reserve Fleet containership into the third in a series of U.S. Navy Auxiliary Crane

Ships (T-ACS).

When converted, the T-ACS 3 (ex-President Polk) will become part of the Ready Reserve Force (RRF), a special component of the merchant reserve fleet which is maintained by MarAd and funded by the Navy.

The T-ACS program was insti- tuted by the Navy in response to

President Reagan's call for a rapid deployment force to be available at all times. Its specific purpose is to provide a means to off-load cellular containerships which lack self-un- loading capability in areas where shoreside cranes are unavailable during wartime or other national emergencies.

The Dillingham contract calls for the installation of six pedestal- mounted deck cranes with related electrical generating equipment; up- grading the quarters aboard the

Polk to accommodate an increase in crew complement and reactivating the vessel to RRF status so that it could be ready to load cargo on five days' notice. The cranes are being supplied under a separate contract.

The work at Dillingam is expected to be completed in 12 months.

The first crane ship to be con- verted, the Keystone State (ex-

President Harrison), was redeliv- ered, underwent logistic excercises and entered the RRF last year. The second vessel, ex-President Monroe, is now being converted at Continen- tal Maritime of San Francisco, Inc.

MarAd Selects 15 Port

Locations To Berth 37 RRF Cargo Vessels

The Maritime Administration in cooperation with the U.S. Navy re- cently announced the selection of 15 port locations on the East and West

Coasts for the berthing of 37 cargo vessels in the Ready Reserve Force (RRF), a select group of merchant vessels which can be activated on five days' notice.

The RRF is a part of the National

Defense Reserve Fleet operated by

MarAd. RRF vessels, currently to- taling 65, are acquired and main- tained by MarAd and funded by the


The berthing arrangement is a part of the Navy's outporting plan for the strategic location of sealift vessels near shipyards and loading ports which would be used in an emergency.

Contract^ totaling about $5 mil- lion for 27 vessels, including the cost of moving the ships to their assigned lay berths later this year, will be



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Telephone: (201) 382-1225

Telex: 4754293 231-233 signed with private owners or opera- tors of piers, wharves, docks or quays (number of ships in paren- theses) in Brooklyn, N.Y. (2); Balti- more, Md. (2); Norfolk, Va. (1);

Quonset Point (3), Providence (1), and Melville (1), R.I.; San Francisco (3), Los Angeles (2), and Alameda (2), Calif.; South Portland, Maine (1); Jacksonville, Fla. (2); Tacoma,

Wash. (3); and Portland, Ore. (4).

Ten additional vessels are being berthed at Navy facilities in York- town, Va., Philadelphia, Pa., and


Kelly Joins

Newport News Shipyard

Robert A. Kelly

Newport News Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of Tenneco Inc., has named Robert A. Kelly to the position of vice president-public re- lations, effective this month.

Mr. Kelly moves to Newport £Jews from the Olin Corporation where he was vice president, public relations/communications. Mr.

Kelly was responsible for formulat- ing and implementing PR policies, plans and programs.

Prior to his position at Olin, Mr.

Kelly served as assistant general manager, public relations, for Texa- co, Inc.

Furthermore, Mr. Kelly served as Deputy Assistant Press Secretary to the President in 1974 and 1975.

During this appointment, he worked with Cabinet public information of- ficers on coordinating media cover- age.

Coast Guard Increases

Container Safety Check

Coast Guard officials in Washing- ton recently announced an increase in inspections of freight containers to see how well shippers of hazard- ous materials are following regula- tions. Random inspections of 20- and 40-foot containers are under- way at port terminals across the country.

The National Cargo Bureau, Inc., the U.S. Customs Service and vessel terminal operators are assisting in the operation. The Office of Haz- ardous Materials Transportation of the Department of Transportation's

Research and Special Programs Ad- ministration is conducting inspec- tions where freight containers are packed at locations other than ves- sel terminals.

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