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Chesapeake Marine

Engineering Symposium

Set For January 24, 1986

The Chesapeake Section of The

Society of Naval Architects and Ma- rine Engineers has announced that the 1986 Chesapeake Marine Engi- neering Symposium is to be held on

January 24, 1986, at the Sheraton

National Hotel in Arlington, Va.

The featured speaker for the recep- tion and luncheon will be Rear

Adm. James Webber, USN, Chief

Engineer of the Naval Sea Systems


Preceding the symposium, on the evening of January "? 1986, will be the annual joint dinner meeting of the Chesapeake Section and the

Flagship Section of the American

Society of Naval Engineers. This year's joint dinner meeting speaker is Representative Roy Dyson of

Maryland, member of the House

Armed Services Committee and member of the Merchant Marine


The theme of the symposium is "Marine Engineering in the Year 2000."

Morning Sessions—9 a.m.

Session I—Moderator, Jack Ab- bott; Assistant, Richard Mur- phy. "Noise Source Levels of Ship- board Machinery," by P.K. Ras- per and S. Feldman, NKF Engi- neering, Inc. "Hydraulic Analysis of Multi- branch Piping Systems," by R.C.

Sanders, T.G. Lestina, and D.B.

Weaver, MPR Associates, Inc. "Shipboard Vibration Can Be

Controlled," by E.F. Noonan,

NKF Engineering, Inc.

Session II—Moderator, Comdr.

John Maxham, USCG; Assistant,

Bruce Jackson. "Application of Power System

Modeling Techniques to 400 Hz

Shipboard Electronic Power Sys- tems," by J. Sofia, David Taylor

Naval Ship Research and Develop- ment Center. "Evaluation of Automated Vital

Systems," by Lt. P.L. Randall,

USCG. "The Electric Power Interface

Compatibility (EPIC) Program," by

J. Langsner, Designers & Plan- ners, and H.P. Wong, Naval Sea

Systems Command.

Afternoon Sessions—2 p.m.

Session III—Moderator. Capt.

James Grabb, USCG (ret.); As- sistant, Vernon Klemm. "Selection of the Propulsion

Plant for an Icebreaking Tanker," by R.A. Levine, ARCO Marine,

Inc. "Introducing a Foreign Diesel into U.S. Navy Service," by E.K.

Moe, Naval Sea Systems Com- mand, and R.S. Carleton and V.

Kpnal, Designers & Planners. "Saving Fuel Aboard U.S. Naval

Vessels," by R. Dangel and G.

Healy, Naval Sea Systems Com- mand.

Session IV—Moderator, Ron

Cauley; Assistant, Ralph John- son. "The Role of Human Engineering in Achieving Technical Excellence," by J. Castle, Naval Sea Systems

Command, and G. Miller, G.E.

Miller & Associates. "The Concept of Advanced Con- cepts," by J.F. Sladky Jr., Univer- sity of Washington, R.W. Galling- ton, SAI Corp., and M. Terry,

Boeing Marine Systems. "Marine Corrosion," by H.

Bliele, Naval Sea Systems Com- mand.

For registration information, con- tact Gregg Hagedorn, 1124 Alli- son Street, Alexandria, Va. 22302, phone (202) 692-0323.

NAVSEA Awards $21-Million Contract

To Sperry Corporation

Sperry Corporation, Defense

Products Group, St. Paul, Minn., was awarded a $21,000,000 firm- fixed-price modification by the

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Washington, D.C., defi- nitizing a previously awarded letter contract for 190 USQ-69 data termi- nal sets, 53 OL-267 data terminal groups, and an option for 250 USQ- 69 data terminal sets, and 24 data terminal groups.

The work, which will be per- formed in St. Paul, is expected to be completed in December 1987. The contract funds for the project would not have expired at the end of the current fiscal year.

The contract number for the project is N00024-85-D-7031.

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