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Navy Awards Lake Shore $34-Million Contract

For Salvage Cranes

Lake Shore Incorporated, Iron

Mountain, Mich., was awarded a $34,151,807 firm-fixed-price con- tract for aircraft crash-salvage cranes for all ship-based naval air- craft.

The work will be performed in

Kingsford, Mich., and is expected to be completed in October 1990.

Three bids were received. The Nav- al Air Systems Command, Washing- ton, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00019-86-0028).

Field, Wigham Appointed

U.S. Representative For

Naval Architecture Firms

Field, Wigham & Co., Inc. recent- ly announced its appointment as

U.S. representative of the following leading architecture and marine en- gineering companies: Arnessen,

Christensen & Co., A/S of Norway;

Bureau Voor Scheersbouw of the

Netherlands; M.J. Doherty & Co.

Pty. Ltd. of Australia; Graham &

Woolnough, England; Knud E.

Hansen APS, Denmark; Keel Ma- rine Ltd., England; Salen Technolo- gies, Sweden; and Skipskonsulent

A/S, Norway.

The representation includes not only the sale of the design and engi- neering services of these companies, but extends to their library of exist- ing designs for vessels of all types and sizes. All of the naval architects represented have prior experience in designs accomplished to applica- ble U.S. regulations and are able to quote for overseas requirements for plan approval and supervision.

Field, Wigham & Co., Inc. is lo- cated at 200 Middle Neck Road

South, P.O. Box 2123, Great Neck,

N.Y. 11021, phone (516) 466-5340.

VSE Awarded $8 Million

In Navy Contracts

VSE Corporation (VSE) of Alex- andria, Va., was recently awarded two contracts by the U.S. Navy to provide engineering and technical services in support of Planning and

Engineering for Repairs and Altera- tions (PERA) of Amphibious Ships and Craft (ASC). The contracts, which total more than $8 million, continue VSE's participation in the advance planning or overhauls of

East and West coast ships.

VSE engineers and technical per- sonnel will provide professional ser- vices to assist PERA managers in preparing and monitoring ship over- haul plans and schedules. The work will require performing, as needed, worldwide travel to conduct tests and inspections onboard Navy ships and data preparation to develop al- teration and repair requirements.

Extensive use is made of advanced information processing systems to respond to changes in ship availabil- ity schedules and work require- ments.

Ingram Barge Completes

Organization Changes—

Reports Rapid Growth

Ingram Barge Company of Nash- ville, Tenn., has completed a broad restructuring of its organization to enhance its marketing effectiveness and facilitate efficient administra- tion of Ingram's growing fleet.

Neil N. Diehl, Ingram Barge

Company's chairman, in announc- ing the changes said: "Ingram Barge has achieved great success during the past two years in expanding the size and scope of our dry cargo and liquid barge businesses. We are par- ticularly gratified that this growth has allowed Ingram to participate in new markets while simultaneously preserving the same high quality, competitively priced service that has been our tradition. This restruc- turing is designed to more effective- ly channel these acquired capabili- ties toward our customers."

Personnel and administrative re- sources have been structured around two responsibility centers:

The sales and customer service de- partment, headed by Peter E.

Rumsey, responsible for the daily and short-term development of the company's fleet logistics and cus- tomer solicitation; and the market- ing department, reporting to Craig

E. Philip, responsible for the com- pany's long-term strategic initia- tives, equipment and corporate ac- quisitions, and sales support.

Mr. Diehl noted that "the com- bined efforts of these two depart- ments will provide improved con- tinuity and timeliness of service for our customers, superior fleet utiliza- tion and precise identification of strategic marketing and acquisition possibilities. We ultimately expect this restructuring to enhance In- gram's profitability and to lay the groundwork for future growth."

Mr. Rumsey has been named vice president of sales and customer service for the dry cargo fleet. The department is organized around modules, located among Ingram's offices at Nashville, Pittsburgh, St.

Louis, Chicago and New Orleans.

Mr. Rumsey noted that "each module includes a sales manager with commodity responsibilities and an assistant manager with geo- graphic responsibilities. By sup- porting one another's work on a dai- ly basis these teams will bring sales and traffic decision-making closer together."

Michael Measells, as general manager, is directly responsible for the coordiantion of the dry cargo program among the various mod- ules. Orrin H. Ingram, also a gen- eral manager, is responsible for In- gram's entire liquid fleet.

Craig E. Philip has been named vice apresident of marketing. The department includes marketing managers reponsible for cost analy- sis and fleet deployment, market planning and devolement, and ac- quisitions. Mr. Philip described these responsibilities in the context of the barge industry's principal strategic dilemma: "Our principal response to the industry's depressed condition has been to use Ingram's financial strength and reputation for service quality as the basis for rapid growth, and expansion into new markets. "We have doubled in size each year since 1983 and our present operations, involving three dozen linehaul boats and more than 1,000 barges, allows us to more selectively pursue only those portions of the market where rate levels are com- pensatory.

Peter J. Kopcsak, president of

Ingram Barge, announced that

Robert H. Livingston has joined the company as vice president of operations. Mr. Livingston joined

Ingram from Dravo Mechling, where he held a similar position.


FINCANTIERI IS 20 graving docks for ships up to 400,000 tdw, 8 floating docks for ships up to 160,000 tdw, 13 km of repair berths and the frontage of the repair yards around the Italian coastline: the resources of

Fincantieri's Shiprepairing Division are conveniently situated along the main and busiest Mediterranean shipping routes.


Tel. (0) 40 7365 - Tlx 460122 FINCAT I • C.N.O.M.V. - VENEZIA YARD

Tel. (0) 41 798511 - Tlx 410255 FINCVE I •TARANTOYARD

Tel. (0) 99 407134 - Tlx 860020 FINCTA I • PALERMO YARD

Tel. (0) 91 546488-545288

Tlx 720674, 910041 FINCPA I • S.E.B.M. - NAPOLI YARD

Tel. (0) 81 7858111 - Tlx 710040 FINCNA I • O.A.R.N. - GENOVA YARD

Tel. (0) 10 283801 - Tlx 270090 FINCOR I


Tel. (0)10 283811-


Tel. (0) 586 34121

Tlx 270370 FINCMG I

Tlx 500071 FINCLI I






Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A.


Genova - via Cipro 11 Italy tel. (0) 10 59951 tlx 270102 FINCGE I

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