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Karl Senner Offers Sales And

Service For Reintjes Marine Gears —Literature Available

Karl Senner, Inc., of Kenner, La., the North American distributor for

Reintjes marine gears has been in business since 1972 and has sold nearly 1500 gearboxes ranging in size from 100-10,000 hp.

Reintjes/Karl Senner, Inc., has developed a strong position in the

U.S. market by building a strong, reliable, proven product and provid- ing exceptional after-sales support.

Karl Senner offers owners a 24-hour parts and service system. Reintjes and Karl Senner build and sell only marine gearboxes and therefore are attuned to the needs and require- ments of the marine market.

Reintjes gears are fully described in the full-color brochure available from Karl Senner, Inc.

The colorful brochure offers in- formation on Reintjes marine gear- boxes, from reverse reduction gear- boxes for fast vessels (Type WVS) to twin input/single output reduc- tion gearboxes (Type DVAL). The literature contains text, configura- tion diagrams and color photo- graphs of Reinjtes reverse reduction gearboxes for workboats (Type VA/

SVA); reduction gearboxes with built-in hydraulically operated clutch for workboats (Type VAL); and twin input/single output reduc- tion gearboxes for workboats (Type


All the gearboxes use carburized and ground wheels, internal hydrau- lic clutches and are available in ver- tical, horizontal or coaxial (in-line) configurations. Karl Senner, Inc., also offers combining gears for use with controllable pitch propeller systems.

Karl Senner, Inc., is also a WAB-

CO marine pneumatic control dis- tributor and is the North American distributor for J.W. Berg con- trollable pitch propellers and bow- thrusters.

For free information on Reintjes/

Karl Senner gearboxes including the colorful Reintjes brochure,

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Reverse reduction gearbox-Type WAF

Twin input/single output reduction gearbox-Type DVA

DDA Offers Expanded Product Line

And Streamlined Manufacturing

Facilities—Literature Offered

The Detroit Diesel Allison Divi- sion of General Motors has an- nounced a significant expansion of its product line by virtue of market- ing agreement with Deere & Compa- ny, and has moved to streamline and tighten its manufacturing oper- ations in North America. "With these moves, DDA is mak- ing clear that it intends to be one of the top diesel engine producers in the world," said Ludvik F. Koci,

DDA general manager and GM vice president.

To that end, DDA's marketing agreement with Deere & Company gives it s significantly broader base in the lower horsepower ranges. It will distribute John Deere engines ranging in horsepower from 50 to 250. "In the past, these engines have been used mainly in off-highway, industrial and agricultural applica- tions," Mr. Koci said.

The Deere engines in the 50- to 250-hp class will be designated as

Detroit Diesel Series 30 and 40, which include 13 individual engines to fit a wide variety of applications.

And with the integration of the

John Deere Engine Distributor

Group—per the marketing agree- ment—DDA has assumed responsi- bility for marketing the line and providing parts and service through its worldwide distributor network.

The availability of the Deer en- gines has also expanded DDA's die-

Prime Prime

Standby Power Standby Power 4239D 35 35 30 30 4239T 55 50 45 40 4276T 65 60 55 50 6359T 85 75 70 60 6414T 100 90 80 75 6466T 125 115 105 95 6466A 160 145 145 130

Representative of the prepackaged genera- tor sets now available from Detroit Diesel

Allison's Series 30 and 40 distributors worldwide, is this 55-kw standby unit, pow- ered by a model 4239T engine—one of sev- eral John Deere diesels now being marketed exclusively by DDA. Fully backed by DDA, seven generator sets in the series range from 35- to 160-kw output.

Detroit Diesel Series 30 And 40

Generator Sets

Electrical kw Ratings For 50/60 Hertz Operation


ENGINE SET KW RATINGS" SET KW RATINGS* •Generator set electrical kw ratings include the fan loss and average generator efficiency.

Typical of the John Deere engines now mar- keted by Detroit Diesel Allison is this model 4239T, a turbocharged, in-line, four-cylin- der, four-cycle engine that develops 102 hp at 2,500 rpm. There are a total of 13 engines in the family, now designated as

Detroit Diesel Series 30 and 40. sel/electric generator set line. Slated for a variety of industries requiring portable or stand-by power, the new gensets will range from 35 to 160-kw output.

It marks the first time in nearly 15 years that DDA has offered a completely assembled genset and the line is expected to be expanded to include larger units up to 1,500 kw in the near future. In recent years, the packaging of generator components with Detroit Diesel en- gines has been done by individual

DDA distributors.

It is anticipated that the Series 30 and 40 diesels will also fit into

DDA's own extensive and highly favored line of marine engines for both commercial and pleasure boat application. John Deere engines have been used in marine applica- tions in the past and have acquired an excellent reputation for fuel effi- ciency, reliability and durability.

DDA now has set its sights on expanding the sale of John Deere- based marine models which aug- ment the present Detroit Diesel ma- rine line.

The consolidation is planned to include the modernization of DDA's

Redford, Mich, facility and the relo- cation of the division's parts ma- chining and 8.2L medium-duty die- sel operations from its current loca- tion in Romulus, Mich. "As the consolidation gains mom- entum," Mr. Koci observed, "it will trigger other changes in our manu- facturing operations, ranging from where and how we purchase our materials and components, to how we apply the most up-to-date tech- nology available to the manufactur- ing process."

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Detroit Diesel Allicson Division en- gines,

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