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Omega Marine Awarded

Engineering Design Work

By Union Texas Petroleum

Omega Marine Services, Inc.,

Houston, Texas, has been awarded the engineering design for Union

Texas Petroleum Corporation's Eu- gene Island 371 'A' platform topside facilities. Equipment is being de- signed to produce 250 BCPD and 60

MMSCFD gas. Omega Marine will also provide assistance in construc- tion management and procure- ment.

BP Offers Free 32-Page

Brochure On World Energy

The British Petroleum Company p.I.e. is offering a 32-page brochure which gives a statistical review of world energy consumption and pro- duction.

The full-color publication offers several pages of outstanding color graphs presenting the world energy picture clearly and concisely. Some of the graphs presented in the bro- chure include: oil production by area; oil consumption; oil discover- ies 1859-1984; refinery capacities; imports and exports of oil in 1984; natural gas production; nuclear en- ergy consumption; and coal produc- tion.

The brochure offers an impressive array of statistical facts on the en- tire globe including: North America,

Latin America, Western Europe, the

Middle East, North Africa, West

Africa, East and South Africa,

South East Asia, South Asia,

Australasia, Centrally Planned

Economies, OECD members, OPEC members and Non-Communist

World countries.

A special feature included in the brochure is a conversion table for tons, long tons, barrels, gallons (im- perial), gallons (U.S.), and barrels/ day.

To receive a copy of this impres- sive, full-color brochure from Brit- ish Petroleum,

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ASEA Names Jon Turley

Manager Marine Offshore sterdam, Holland, as marine sales application engineer. In 1983, he assumed responsibility for ASEA

Inc.'s west-coast marine activities in

Vancouver, B.C.

In Montreal, Mr. Turley will be responsible for the newly formed

Marine and Offshore Centre. All

ASEA Marine automation and pow- er equipment activities for North

America will be concentrated in this office. The new Marine and Off- shore Centre will handle all applica- tion engineering, systems coordina- tion and documentation, but certain hardware and standard subsystems will be imported from Sweden.

By concentrating the expertise lo- cally, the new organization will be able to offer improved services to

ASEA's many Canadian and U.S. customers and increase the level of

North American content in the fin- ished products.

ASEA Inc. employs more than 650 people in seven locations across the country designing and building a wide range of industrial and utility products.

ASEA Inc. supplies complete pro- pulsion controls as well as highly advanced electronic automation equipment, speed controls and alarm and safety systems for marine and offshore applications.

For free literature and further information on ASEA equipment,

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Jonathan Turley

Jonathan Turley has been named product manager for Marine and Offshore of ASEA Inc., compa- ny officials announced.

Mr. Turley has some 20 years' experience in the marine business.

After spending five years at sea with the British P.O. Lines, he joined the

ASEA organization in 1971 in Am-

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FC234 AQP™ Fire Resistant


Coast Guard approved for marine diesel and gasoline fuel systems, this hose can really take the heat. It can withstand a + 1200°F. direct flame for 2-1/2 minutes, meeting the • stringent approval requirements of UL and USCG. Specify

FC234 AQP hose for an added measure of safety in handling flammable liquids.

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FC300 AQP™ Hose Exceeds

SAE100R5 Specs

Another member of the tough

Aeroquip AQP family of super performance marine hose.

FC300 handles petroleum- based and fire-resistant hy- draulic fluids, air, gasoline, fuel and lube oils. It features the patented AQP elastomer tube, polyester inner braid, single- wire braid reinforcement and blue polyester braid cover.

The tough answer to tough problems.

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Circle 147 on Reader Service Card 2781 HIIMPULSE

Exceeds SAE100R2A

Another Aeroquip breakthrough is 2781 HI-IMPULSE hose. It s a 2-wire braid hose that asts longer under frequent -nculse conditions and also hances higher operating and peak pressures than conventiona

SAE100R2A hose. A patented

Aeroquip braided hose manu- facturing technique makes it possible.

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It takes a special kind of person to. understand naval vessels. And. it takes a special brand of fluid conveying products to stand up under the rigors of marine use.

At Aeroquip. we've been designing and pro- ducing marine and MIL-Spec hose lines, fittings, joints, adapters and other fluid line products for over forty years. We understand the special needs of oceangoing fluid power and fluid handling

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Customer Service Group —trained specia -sts who have their "sea legs ''

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South East Auenue. Jackson. Michigan 49203, a Libbey-Owens-Ford Company.

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