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Valmet's new type of ducted propeller for ice conditions being installed. works in both directions, both for- ward and astern.

The development of the new type duct is part of Valmet's ongoing research and development program aimed at new solutions and tech- niques for the icegoing vessels of the future. Started a few years ago, the development work achieved re- markable results last year from tests with the winter trawler Jarvsaar, where an open propeller was com- pared with a ducted propeller, ac- cording to Mikko Niini, marketing director of Valmet Helsinki Ship- yard. For the first time, Valmet suc- ceeded in documenting the under- water process by recording the pro- peller-ice interaction on video tape.

The testing program was continued this past winter with several vessels, both in sea conditions and in the lake Saimaa.

Building of icegoing cargo ships and offshore supply vessels is one of

Valmet's principal plans for the fu- ture, Mr. Niini said. One proof of this is the newly started five-year research program, and the Valmet investments in engineering facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

In connection with plans for the future, Valmet has, together with

Mopro Oy, developed an icebreak- ing tug that will work as a high-tech- nology testing vessel for the icegoing vessels of the future. Some six to eight different technical solutions will be tested with this vessel. In midwinter when the traffic at the lake Saimaa is laid down, Valmet will use the icebreaking tug and the lake Saimaa as a full-scale ice test- ing laboratory. Features of this ves- sel include a new, efficient ice- breaking bow, special solutions to decrease friction, and the new ducted propeller.

Valmet plans new projects both in

Finland and by the new affiliated company, Valmet Arctic Canada

Ltd., founded in Canada at the be- ginning of this year.

For additional information on

Valmet's research and development programs for vessels operating in ice conditions,

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Wiismuller Salvage

And Offshore Tugs Inc.

Form New Company

Wijsmuller Salvage B.V., one of the world's foremost salvage compa- nies, has joined forces with Offshore

Tugs, Inc., the well-known offshore towage company from Golden

Meadow, La., to establish a new

August, 1986 company: Wijsmuller Salvage &

Offshore Tugs, Inc.

The new company will provide complete salvage and towage ser- vices for the marine and offshore industry, including removal of off- shore equipment, salvage services including cargo and wreck removal for environmental protection.

Wijsmuller Salvage, headquar- tered in Holland, brings an 80-year history of successful international salvage experience into the joint venture with Offshore Tugs, Inc., a company established by Nolty J.


In addition to a large inventory of highly specialized salvage equip- ment, which can be air-lifted to any location, the company will provide a large fleet of modern oceangoing tugs, especially equipped for towing, anchor handling and other offshore services. The company has also es- tablished relations with Blue Streak

Marine, operator of 14 jackup main- tenance vessels, and will rely on the extensive facilities and resources of

Bell Pass Drydocks.

Management of the newly formed company will be directed by Joe

Jullens, a professional with many years of experience in worldwide salvage.

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JDN Monorail Air Hoists

Bearing up to 100 tonnes


Produced in series for use in areas where there's an explosion risk, with a special spark-proof design wherever explosion protection requirements are particularly exacting. 1 115 I

For 4 bar or 6 bar air pressure, 100 tonnes for 6 bar. For a high number of switch actuations and extended operations. Very low overall height. Sturdy design.

Simple operations. Low on maintenance. Long life. • TOO t

Especially suited for on and off-shore operations, e.g.

BOP handling. i n* 4#a r

For all further systems-related features, please consult our interesting catalogue.

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Trade Fair

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Marine Technology

Hamburg, September 23 - 27,1986

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