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Seebeckwerft AG of Bremer- haven, West Germany, this year de- livered the fully cellularized con- tainership Song He to the People's

Republic of China. Business rela- tions between Seebeckwerft and

China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), the state shipping com- pany of the People's Republic, have been active for more than 10 years.

During that time 16 ships have been delivered, ranging from a multipur- pose cargo vessel to the sophisti- cated containership Song He.

The new vessel has an overall length of 653.5 feet, beam of 80 feet, depth to first deck of 50.7 feet, and summer draft of 35 feet. Propulsion is provided by a MAN B&W diesel engine. Trial speed was 16.9 knots with an engine output of about 10,000 bhp.

The Song He is classed by Ger- manischer Lloyd +100 A4E Con- tainership + MC E AUT. She is the most modern vessel currently in the

COSCO fleet, embodying state-of- the-art design and construction.


Daewoo Shipbuilding

The Stolt Sapphire, first of five advanced parcel tankers built for

Stolt-Nielsen by Daewoo Shipbuild- ing & Heavy Machinery Ltd., was delivered by the Korean shipyard early this year. The remaining four ships—named Stolt Emerald, Stolt

Topaz, Stolt Aquamarine, and

Stolt Jade—have now joined the

Stolt Tankers fleet.

These new ships will be among the most sophisticated and flexible parcel tankers in the world. About 70 percent of the total cubic capac- ity is acid-resistant stainless steel.

They are designed to carry the full range of parcel trade products, rang- ing from full deadweight of inor- ganic acids such as phosphoric and


New Crude Oil Tankers

As shipowners' transportation require- ments change, so should shiptypes a yard of- fers keep up with them.

The crude oil tankers here are the offspring of Hyundai's vast experience and in-depth study on clients' operational needs, coupled with our superior design capabilities.

Their hull is shaped for the best fuel-effi- ciency and structured for the increased speed and deadweight with minimum hull weight. 1254,000 DWT VLCC

To ensure added advantage in fuel oil consumption and operation, the latest slow speed main engine (long stroke, large-bore) and optimum propeller are chosen with the reduced rpm and extra-large diameter to the extent that propeller immersion is permitted by Marpol 1973/78 and Solas Protocol 1978.

For further information or your newbuild- ing requirements of this category, contact

Hyundai today.

A/' m.yStoir n't a t. jo i vviincj


LOA/LBP/BM/DM 322.0/310 0/56 0/29 5 M

Draft (Design/Scantling) 19 8 M

Deadweight & Capacity

DWT at 19.8 M Draft 254.000 MT

Cargo Oil Capacity 305.000 M3 ,156.000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker

Main Engine

Hyundai-B&W 6L90MCE

DMCR 22.110 BHP x 67 7 RPM

NCR 19,900 BHP x 65 4 RPM

Service Speed 14 0 Knots

Fuel Oil Consumption 57 03 Tons/Day

Segregation Three (3)


LOA/LBP/BM/DM . 274.0/264 0/46 28/22 5 M

Draft (Design/Scantling) . 15.02/16.90 M

Deadweight & Capacity

DWT at 16 9 M Draft 156.000MT

Cargo Oil Capacity 162,200 M3 1104.000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker no. j crajt-if r. » T +lSl no j an c a r. «j.*c • t. j ^ an c o. r m. ia. i. ni

Main Engine

Hyundai-B&W 6S70MC

DMCR 19,520 8HP x 88 RPM

NCR 17,570 BHP x 85 RPM

Service Speed 14 5 Knots

Fuel Oil Consumption . 51.8 Tons/Day

Segregation Three (3)



Draft (Design/Scantling) .

Deadweight & Capacity

DWTat14.9M Draft

Cargo Oil Capacity 104.000 MT 110.000 M3

Main Engine

Hyundai-B&W 6S60MC



Service Speed

Fuel Oil Consumption

Segregation 11.200 BHP x 78 0 RPM 10.100 BHPx75 3RPM 14 0 Knots 30.2 Tons/Day


HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.. LTD. • HEAD OFFICE: 1 CHEONHA-DONG, ULSAN. KOREA TLX: HHIYARD K52452 TEL: (82) ULSAN (522) 32 -0803 ( SALES DIRECTORS) FAX: (82) ULSAN (522) 32-4001 • SEOUL OFFICE: 140-2 KYE-DONG. CHONGRO-KU. SEOUL. KOREA TLX: K28361, K27496 TEL (82) SEOUL (2) 741-1201/30 FAX (82) SEOUL (2) 741-1211

TOKYO TLX: 28548 HDT J. TEL: 03-211-0741 BOMBAY TLX: 114696 MAKH IN. TEL: 224285/222172 HONG KONG TLX 83464 HKHDS HX. TEL: 5-436373

LONDON TLX: 938686 HOLDNG, TEL 01-741-1531 NEW JERSEY TLX: 6853396 HDC NJ. TEL: 201-585-8289 SYDNEY TLX: 70700 HOSSYD AA. TEL: 02-957-5481

OSLO TLX: 72621 HDOSLN. TEL: 02-410920 ATHENS TLX: 212778 HMDP GR, TEL: 418-0114

Circle 254 on Reader Service Card 1986

Outstanding Oceangoing Ships


These companies participated in the construction of one or more of this year's award-winning Outstanding Oceangoing

Ships. For information and free literature on any company's ser- vices or product line, circle the appropriate number(s) on the postpaid Reader Service Card bound into this issue.


Act 10

Alps Maru

Atlantic Prince

Berge Stahl

Chicago (Dredge)

Special Barges

Exxon Valdez

Henry J Kaiser



Lawrence H. Gianella

Mineral Nippon

Nord Baltic




M/T Rio Gas

Skulptor Tomskij

Song He

Stolt Sapphire

SHIPYARD (Circle Number)

Jansen Werft (Circle 301)

Hitachi (Circle 302)

Halter (Circle 303)

Hyundai (Circle 304)

Southern Shipbuilding (Circle 305)

Bay Shipbuilding (Circle 306)

NASSCO (Circle 307)

Avondale (Circle 308)

Meyer Werft (Circle 309)

Kockums (Circle 310)

Tampa Ship (Circle 311)

Mitsui (Circle 312)

Samsung (Circle 314)

Mitsubishi (Circle 315)

Wartsila-Turku (Circle 316)

Wartsila-Helsinki (Circle 317)

Lindenau (Circle 318)

Aalborg (Circle 319)

Seebeckwerft (Circle 320)

Daewoo (Circle 321)

ENGINE (Circle Number)

MAN B&W (Circle 322)

Hitachi/B&W (Circle 323)

Caterpillar (Circle 324)

Hyundai/B&W (Circle 325)

EMD (generator engines) (Circle 326)

Sulzer (Circle 328)

Alsthom Atlantique/Pielstick (Circle 329)

MAN B&W (Circle 322)

Sulzer (Circle 328)

IHI/Sulzer (Circle 329)

Mitsui/B&W (Circle 330)

KHIC/B&W (Circle 332)

Mitsubishi/Sulzer (Circle 333)

Wartsila/Pielstick (Circle 334)

Wartsila Vasa (Circle 335)

MAN B&W (Circle 322)

Bryansk/B&W (Circle 336)

MAN B&W (Circle 322)

Hyundai/B&W (Circle 325)

Major Suppliers Advertising

In The December 1986 Issue Of

Maritime Reporter







Frank Mohn/Framo


Harnischfeger . . .

Japan Radio ....

Johnson Rubber . .

Kahlenberg ....

Kearfott Div/Singer 150 Krupp Atlas . . . . 151 Krupp MaK . . . . 152 Liebherr 153 Lips BV 154 Microphor 156 Philadelphia Resins 157 Sailor 158 Schat Davit . . . . 159 Siemens 161 Stal Refrigeration 162 Tracor 163

Circle Number 164 167 168 169 171 172 175 176 177 178 180 sulphuric to 6,900 cubic meters of cooled semi-gases like propyleneox- ide; from the most toxic chemicals to the most delicate; and from edi- ble oils to high-heat lube oil addi- tives.

The Sapphire has an overall length of 580 feet, beam of 105.8 feet, depth to main deck of 49.2 feet, and design draft of 34.5 feet. Main propulsion is provided by a two- stroke Hyundai/B&W 6L60MC die- sel engine with an output of 12,480 bhp at 111 rpm. Service speed is 15

Main engine Hyundai/B&W Weather facsimile . . . Alden

Propeller & bow thruster Lips Gyro/autopilot .... Radio Holland

Steering gear . . .Frydenbo Cargo tank

Engine control console . . . . Terasaki hatches .... Daewoo/Normarine

Torque meter ASEA Deck crane . . . Liebherr

Auxiliary boiler ....Sunrod Anchor & mooring

Purifiers . Nagase/Alfa winches Daewoo/Norwinch

Diesel generators . . . Yanmar/Taiyo Cargo pumps & controls . Frank Mohn

Emergency generator .... Kosan Cargo valves . . . .Westad

Shaft generator .... Fuji Fuel oil heating system .... Bismo

Main switchboard . . . . . . Terasaki Cargo heating oils . . . .... Bismo

Freshwater generator .... Serok Cargo cooling system . Frank Mohn

Sewage treatment system . . Sasakura Dehumidifier system . . .... Bry-Air

Incinerator Golar Inert gas generator . . Holec

SatNav system .... Tracor Liquid nitrogen plant . . Linde

SatCom system .... . . . COMSAT Tank cleaning machines . . . Polar Jet

Radars Kelvin Hughes Centrifugal pumps . . . .... Shinko

Navigator .... Decca Gear/screw pumps Taiko 26 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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