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Hitachi zosen set a new course for computerized and automated ships.

NAVCAS Automatic Radar Plotting Aids. TRANSOLINE MK-II Integrated Automatic

Navigation System.

The TRANSOLINE System, first installed in 1976, has computer- controlled, highly-accurate steering, and has consistently reduced both sailing mileage and fuel consumption.

This efficiency has been carried even further with the state-of-the-art


Designed for container ships, PCC, reefers and other high-speed vessels, MK-II handles complex calculations and routine tasks, and displays the needed navigational data on a CRT.

Navigation language is in 4-letter commands for easy man-machine communications using a keyboard. A "hybrid" positioning-measuring system gives you fast, accurate determination of position, using Loran-

C, NNSS, Omega receiver, or Decca navigator data. In addition, computer-controlled autotracking saves labor, improves safety, and cuts fuel usage.


NAVGUIDE for narrow water and harbor navigation.

This breakthrough system allows safer operation in the navigation of constrained areas, such as narrow channels and harbors. It also reduces crew labor, through electronic displays and automation.

NAVGUIDE has advanced features such as simultaneous display of radar raw video, color display of chart information, ship's route information, and various navigational data, including accurate ship's position fixing, course keeping, and alarm for course deviation.

With these advantages, NAVGUIDE is indispensable for safer, more efficient navigation of coastlines, harbors, and other constrained areas.


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We build industries Hitachi Zosen


HITACHI ZOSEN INTERNATIONAL, S.A.: London: Winchester House, 77 London Wall, London EC2N 1BX, England Phone: 01-628-3891/8 Telex: 887873, 884009

HITACHI ZOSEN U.S.A. LTD.: New York: 150 East 52nd Street, 20th floor, New York, NY 10022, U.S.A. Phone: 212-355-5650 Telex: 232036 Houston: Suite 3080, Citicorp Center. 1200 Smith Street, Houston. TX 77002, U.S.A. Phone: 713-658- 0136/8 Telex: 775038, 6868224, 203134

HITACHI ZOSEN CORPORATION: Tokyo: 1-i 1 Hitotsubashi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100, Japan Phone: 03-213-6611 Telex: J24490OVERSEAS OFFICES & SUBSIDIARIES: Oslo: Raadhusgaten 4, Oslol, Norway Phone: 2-4112 75 Telex: 76934

Ousseldorf: Graf Adolf Strasse 24, 0-4000 Dusseldorf 1, West Germany Phone: 0211-133011/4 Telex: 8587231 Beijing: Room No. 6087, Beijing Hotel, Dong Chang An Jie, Beijing, The People's Republic of China Phone: 500-7766 Ext. 6087, 500-8516

Telex: 22519 Kuala Lumpur: Lot 1103,11lh floor WISMAMPl.JalanRaiaChulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone: 3-248-8382,8431 Telex: 20154 Jakarta: WismaAntara, 14th floor JalanMedanMerdekaSelatan 17, Jakarta, Indonesia Phone:21-345948.345943

Telex: 44496 Hitachi Zosen Engineering Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.: UOB Building, 325 Boon Lay Place, Jurong, Singapore 2264, Singapore Phone: 264-1344 Telex: RS21999 Hitachi Zosen Company (HK) Limited: Room 1008/1009, TakShing House, 20Des

Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong Phone: 5-220597,5-246237 Telex: 73648 Hitachi Zosen Industria Pesada Ltda.: Rua Mexico, 90-Grupo 610-Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil Phone: 240-9047,9098 Telex: 2122904 Permint Hitachi Zosen Sdn. Bhd.: Kawasan

Perindustrian Kerteh. Kerteh Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia Phone: 9-871777, 871786 Telex: 51489

Hitachi Zosen is constantly looking for ways to improve the safety, efficiency and economy of ship operation. Years of intensive research and development have led to new breakthroughs in computerized and automated systems.

The latest Hitachi Zosen achievement is the NAVCAS Automatic Radar Plotting

Aids. This remarkable subsystem provides the operator with up-to-the-minute collision- avoidance information by processing signals from any type of radar, gyrocompass or speed log on the market. It displays all information on a bright, easy-to-read 26" color CRT - hazardous targets are indicated by a change from blue to yellow, with extremely hazardous targets changing from yellow to red, accompanied by a warning buzzer.

Operation is simple and easy through the latest touch-panel technique, with up to 20 targets tracked automatically, or manually.

This new system, together with the other systems shown here, provides you with a complete navigation package that improves both safety and efficiency.


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