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New Book Accounts

Histories of 500 Ships

Built By Newport News

A new hardcover book, "Always

Good Ships," takes a retrospective look at Newport News Shipbuilding, listing and describing the colorful histories of more than 500 ships built by the famous Virginia ship- yard during its first century of oper- ation.

Author William A. Fox, a naval architect and native of Newport

News, Va., has compiled a biogra- phy of each vessel—technical infor- mation and narrative accounts— along with over 240 photographs to bring the history of the shipyard alive. "Always Good Ships" is pub- lished by the Donning Company in a limited hardback edition of 1,500 copies, numbered and signed by the author.

The 387-page hardback book is priced at $29.95 and available only from the publisher. For your copy write: The Donning Company, At- tention: "Always Good Ships," 5659

Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk, Va. 23502. Add $3 per order to the above price for shipping, handling and insurance. Virginia residents should add $1 per book for sales tax, or for additional information

Circle 234 on Reader Service Card $3.2-Million Navy Contract


Carrier Hangar Doors

TRE-ASTECH, Los Angeles, Cal- if., a division of TRE Corporation, recently announced the receipt of a contract for $3.2 million plus addi- tional options to supply large han- gar access doors of advanced light- weight design for the U.S. Navy air- craft carrier USS America (CV-66).

This contract is the third major aircraft carrier-related project awarded to TRE in recent months which includes specialty lightweight deck and bulkhead structural as- semblies for shipboard avionics shops and storage compartments.

TRE Corporation designs and fabricates advanced structures for the aerospace and marine industries and supplies locksets and plumbing specialty products to the home- building industry.

Safety Coating Developed

For Navy Is Commercially

Available For Marine Use

After two decades of proven reli- ability aboard flight decks of air- craft carriers, a general purpose, heavy duty, non-slip deck coating is now commercially available from

American Abrasive Metals Compa- ny. The new abrasive coating known as Epoxo has wide application for boat landings and on decks of com- mercial fishing boats, etc.

Formulated with epoxy resins to give maximum adhesion to wood,

December, 1986 steel and concrete, Epoxo is said to be unaffected by salt water and is resistant to most solvents, gasoline, fuels, oil, grease and hydraulic fluids commonly associated with docking facilities. It is particularly effective in areas exosed to salt water during high tides or to rain such as on lad- ders, vehicular and pedestrian ramps and docks or piers. For com- mercial fishing boats Epoxo pro- vides anti-slip protection on decks where fish oil, chum and seawater can cause slippery conditions.

Epoxo can be applied with a roll- er, trowel or spray over properly prepared wood, metal and concrete surfaces including new concrete. In all cases the non-slip coating tena- ciously adheres to the surface, act- ing as a barrier against penetration of oil and grease. A special urethane prepolymer by American Abrasive called Non-Skid Sealer can be ap- plied to Epoxo to prevent any fur- ther penetration of oil or grease into the concrete. Available in colors of dark gray, tile red, beige and yellow,

Epoxo will hard-dry in 24 hours.

American Abrasive Metals Com- pany has been designing and manu- facturing military, marine and in- dustrial products for 75 years. The flight decks of all U.S. Navy aircraft carriers built since 1962 have been coated with Epoxo.

For more information and free lit- erature on Epoxo and other non- skid safety products from American

Abrasive Metals Company,

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The Seaward dock fender. If the U.S. Navy thinks it's good enough for the1990's maybe it's good enough for your facility now.

The U.S. Navy has chosen Seaward dock fenders to protect Pier Zulu, in Charleston,

S.C.This new 20 million dollar pier will be the prototype of the Navy's pier designs for the 1990's. Seaward's fenders have also been installed on new Navy berthing facilities in San Francisco, Mayport, and Key West. These fenders are being included in the de- sign of new home port facilities and are being used in the upgrading ot Navy docks around the world.

Seaward dock fenders are constructed of a tough, snag-free elastomer coating.

And Seaward's closed-cell foam center has a very high energy absorption capacity but a low reaction force.These fenders provide stand-off and safely cushion the impact of approaching vessels, whether they're tugboats or battleships. Yet Seaward dock tenders are as easy to install as they are rugged.

The U.S. Navy didn't settle for an ordinary fender to protect Pier Zulu. _

So why should you? For more information contact Seaward International, INTERNATIONAL,INC.

PO. Box 98, Clearbrook,Virginia 22624.Telephone: (703) 667-5191, Telex: 275034 SEAWARD UR.

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