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October 17

RG&G Washington Analytical Services

Center, Incorporated, Rockville, Md., is be- ing awarded a $5,451,060 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee con- tract for Engineering Services for the Com- mand and Control Systems Division of the

Strategic Submarine Program Office. Work will be performed in Crystal City, Va. (95 percent) and Rockville (5 percent) and is expected to be completed July 31, 1987.

The Naval Sea Systems Command is the contracting activity (N00024-83-C-6299).

RCA Corporation, Moorestown, N.J., is being awarded a $9,757,680 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for training for the CG-47 Class

Cruiser. Work will be performed in Moores- town (50 percent), Aegis Training Center,

Dahlgren, Va. (25 percent) and Wallops

Island, Va. (25 percent), and is expected to be completed June 30, 1989. The Naval Sea

Systems Command is the contracting activ- ity (N00024-83-C-5138).

General Electric Company, Machinery

Apparatus Operation, Schenectady, N.Y., is being awarded a $99,783,000 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Com- ponents. Work will be performed in Sche- nectady, and is expected to be completed in

September 1990. The Naval Sea Systems

Command is the contracting activity (N00024-85-C-4012).

IBM Corporation, Federal Systems Divi- sion, Manassas, Va., is being awarded a $3,025,000 firm-fixed-price contract for long lead materials for AN/UYH-2 Disc

Memory Sets. Work will be performed in

Manassas, and is expected to be completed in January 1989. The Naval Sea Systems

Command is the contracting activity (N00024-86-C-6271).

October 20

Atlantic Marine Incorporated, Fort

George Island, Fla., is being awarded a $7,170,692 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract for the

Selected Restricted Availability (SRA) of

USS Antrim (FFG-20). Work will be per- formed in Jacksonville, and is expected to be completed February 22, 1987. Two bids were solicited and two offers were received. (continued)

Westinghouse Incorporates Proven

GPC-1500 Controller Into

C0/02 Trim Package

The field-proven, microprocessor- based Model 1500 General Purpose

Controller has been incorporated into the Westinghouse carbon mon- oxide/oxygen (C0/02) combustion trim control package by the Com- bustion Control Division of West- inghouse Electric Corporation.

Labeled TC-910, The Westing- house C0/02 trim control package now calls upon the increased power and flexibility of the GPC-1500.

The GPC-1500 controller provides complete panel instrumentation with annunciation and alarm con- tact outputs for as many as six con- trol loops.

Previously, the Westinghouse

TC910 package incorporated the microprocessor-based Model 1400 controller which provided dedicated control for combustion air or fuel trim. The additional control capa- bility of the GPC-1500 enables mi- croprocessor-based control of other important boiler parameters in ad- dition to automatic combustion trim control.

Most combustion control experts agree that oxygen trim control pro- vides up to 90 percent of available fuel savings in an automatic com- bustion trim control system. The addition of carbon monoxide flue gas analysis to the trim strategy makes the remaining 10 percent of available fuel savings in the com- bustion process attainable.

The TC910 system utilizes the flue gas analysis provided by the

Westinghouse model 620 CO ana- lyzer and the Hagan industrial-type, in situ excess oxygen analyzer. The

Model 620 CO analyzer utilizes high

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The TC910 CO/C2 trim package from the

Combustion Control Division of Westing- house Electric Corporation. resolution infrared absorption spec- troscopy to determine CO flue gas content. A microprocessor located in the control room uses the differ- ence in intensities between the in- frared energy transmitted across the stack and the energy received to cal- culate the CO content.

The Hagan in situ, zirconium ox- ide, excess oxygen analyzer provides accurate, reliable measurement of excess oxygen flue gas content from directly within the boiler flue.

The TC910 control system estab- lishes the CO measurement as the primary control parameter. A CO setpoint is established and excess air is trimmed based on the CO measurement. If a sudden boiler load change or other process upset occurs and certain preset 02 high or low limits be reached, the control of the combustion process is automati- cally switched to the 02 control parameter. The system then quickly returns the process to within the O, limits. At this time the trim control returns to the CO control parame- ters.

The GPC-1500 controller can also be programmed with a unique feed- forward feature that allows the

TC910 system to dynamically bias the air and/or fuel control as a func- tion of boiler load.

The feedforward control action is totally independent of the analyz- ers' signals from the programmed setpoints. The control action func- tions as an electronic cam, produc- ing the optimum mechanical rela- tionship between the air and fuel linkages in the combustion process during dynamic boiler load condi- tions. This action allows optimum combustion trim control at all times.

The TC910 system can also in- clude optional Veritrak recorders for providing permanent records of important combustion and trim control data.

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Circle 9 on Reader Service Card $8.2-Million Contract

Awarded Varian For

Communications System

Varian Associates, Inc., has been awarded a multiyear $8.2-million contract by the Greek Ministry of

Defense for the Hellenic Navy.

Under the terms of the contract,

Varian's Continental Electronics

Division will produce and supervise installation of a low-frequency, long-range transmitter and ground- based antenna that will link subma- rines with on-shore Navy personnel.

In addition to the original contract, follow-on agreements and spares or- ders could amount to several million dollars over the next five years.

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December, 1986 47

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