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for five hours of continuous opera- tion. The basic Loran is six inches wide, six inches high, and three inches deep; weight is approxi- mately four pounds.

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Motorola, Inc., offers its new Tri- ton Series of cellular mobile and portable telephones, designed to be sold through a limited number of full-service marine electronics deal- ers in selected cities.

The new Triton series includes three models, plus a variety of ac- cessories: The Triton 180, a marine cellular mobile telephone that in- cludes a compact, rugged one-piece control unit package which features 32 telephone number memory loca- tions and super-speed memory dial- ing. The Triton 480 is a deluxe marine cellular telephone with space-efficient cradle mount, 101 memories, theft alarm, fluorescent display, four call timers, incoming call screening and super-speed memory dialing. The Triton 800 portable cellular telephone, a true hand-held portable unit for the ma- rine market, weighs 30 ounces and provides a full 8 hours of operation, and includes 30 minutes of talk time from one battery.

The Triton series of cellular tele- phones is qualified under Motoro- la's Accelerated Life Test (ALT) program. This tests Triton products for extremes of humidity, tempera- ture, vibration and shock.

Motorola is one of the world's leading full service suppliers of cel- lular systems. More than 65 of the cellular systems in the world's top 90 cities are supplied by Motorola.

Also the company offers one of the industry's broadest lines of cellular mobile and portable telephones.

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Nav-Control, Inc., a Halesite,

N.Y.-based firm, is the U.S. agent for the navigation/instrumentation products manufactured by the Nor- control Division of A/S Kongsberg

Vaapenfabrikk in Norway.

One project recently undertaken by Norcontrol Automation is the supply of a comprehensive engine room monitoring and automation system for the Sovereign of the

Seas, the world's largest cruise liner currently under construction at

Chantiers de l'Atlantique's Alsthom yard in St. Nazaire, France. The automation package will include machine monitoring, fuel-economy monitoring, management of electri- cal power, stability calculations, ballast control and monitoring of ventilation and fire doors. The auto- mation package, based on Norcon- trol's DataChief system for engine room automation, will be delivered to the Alsthom yard in the spring of 1987.

A second vessel reaping the bene- fits of a Norcontrol integrated auto- mation system is the shuttle tanker

Sarita, owned by Ugland Shuttle

Tanker & Co. The tanker has sev-

December, 1986 eral Norcontrol systems on board including the DataChief-7 engine room monitoring system and alarm package, AutoChief-7 control sys- tem for the main engines, and the

DataMaster-7 cargo control system.

The independently operated sys- tems have brought substantial bene- fits in operational efficiency, as well as installation and maintenance cost savings.

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The MK-20 omni-directional TV antenna offered by Naval Electron- ics Inc. of Tampa, Fla., distributors for Naval Electronics A.B. of Swed- en, features three separate band ele- ments with interference filters and an internal, changeable, low-noise amplifier utilizing state-of-the-art microwave devices.

The MK-20 feeds a special ma- rine cassette amplifier system with "automatic gain control" to com- pensate for the changing reception conditions of a ship underway. The cassette amplifiers then feed a ship's distribution system that pro- vides TV antenna outlets through- out the ship in lounges, cabins, and other areas.

Naval can arrange system engi- neering and installation in all U.S. ports as well as in more than 50 (continued)


The best way to deal with bad weather at sea is to avoid it. And Alden's new Marinefax" TR I gives you the information you need to plan your best and safest course.

A Wealth Of Information

With your Marinefax TR I, you can receive a wide variety of charts, available free from over 50 govern- ment transmitters worldwide.

Charts not just on weather, but on sea conditions as well. Surface an- alyses and prognoses let you avoid storms or take advantage of favor- able winds. Gulf Stream and other oceanographic charts, as well as wave height and direction charts, show you the speediest and most comfortable course.

Beyond comfort and safety, weather charts can help plan a course to minimize fuel con- sumption. And fishermen will especially appreciate sea tempera- ture information to show the most likely hot spots.

Automatic Reception

Marinefax TR I is a new genera- tion of weather chart recorder from

Alden. It features a unique micro- processor that lets you program the recorder to automatically receive the exact charts you want. You tell the recorder when to come on, what frequency to receive, when to change frequency, and when to go off. You get your maps, whether you're onboard or ashore.

Programming is easy, with the

LCD display leading you through the steps. Yet despite this sophisti- cation, Marinefax TR I is the smallest weather chart recorder on the market.

Improved Frequency Selection

Recall any transmitter frequency you like just by hitting two buttons.

Or store up to ten stations of your own choice for one-button recall.

And the TR I has a new, improved radio. Fine tuning is incredibly sim- ple: just push the button for precise, 0.1 kHz changes until you optimize reception. The frequency then locks in, eliminating the "drift" common to many other radio receivers.

New Paper

Our new Alfax thermal paper is dry for easy storage, and produces bright, high- resolution maps.

Thermal printing is exceptionally quiet, - and provides for simple and inexpensive operation.

Alden Reliability

For over 40 years Alden has specialized in weather products, serving not only mariners, but pro- fessional meteorologists as well. Our one-year warranty is followed by a unique, fixed-price service plan, no matter how old your Marinefax is.

Before you have to face another storm at sea, find out more about

Marinefax. Contact your local dealer, or contact Alden Electronics, 130

Washington Street, Westborough,

MA 01581 (617) 366-8851.

MR I ' • Please send me complete informa- 1 tion on Marinefax TR I • I enclose $12.45 for a copy of your book, A Mariner's Guide to

Radiofacsimile Weather Charts.


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