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The TI-4100 is a satellite-based navigation system that provides precise absolute positioning or rela- tive point-positioning surveys, in- cluding aerial surveys, offshore plat- form positioning, marine navigation and oceanographic and geophysical surveys.

The Geomark software provides typical solutions in less than one hour of off-line processing using as little as 30 minutes of collected data, including data cassette translation.

Geomark offers totally automatic operation. Users may enter custom specifications by overriding the au- tomatic defaults. Users can also specify the reference location or derive the location using the TI- 4100. Geomark processes both Pre- cise Code (P-Code) or Coarse/Ac- quisition (C/A Code). The software uses broadcast ephemeris, but can also support post-mission precise ephemeris.

Geomark records all necessary data on a one-page report that pro- vides the user with the monument- to-monument baseline vector. The system can provide the answer in standard latitude, longitude, alti- tude; state plane; UTM; or local datum.

The complete TI-4100/Geomark package is available now and in- cludes Geomark and MS-DOS™ software. The package also includes the TI Portable Professional Com- puter with 256K bytes RAM, a mul- tifunction board with an additional 256K RAM, a single floppy diskette drive, a 10-megabyte Winchester hard disk drive, an 8087 coproces- sor, three-plane graphics board, a built-in high-resolution 9-inch color monitor, two Memtec cassette read- ers, two RS-232 cables, and the TI 855 microprinter.

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Tracor Instruments of Austin,

Texas, offers the new Tracor Sat-

Nav II, a fully automatic micropro- cessor-based system. The Satellite

Navigator II is a third generation of satellite navigation receivers manu- factured by Tracor. Along with their

Omega systems, it represents world- wide navigation experience and ca- pabilities dating back to 1967.

The SatNav II is fully automatic, providing continuous navigation in- formation, updated by periodic sat- ellite passes. Once initialized, the receiver continues to compute all essential navigation data, which is always available to the navigator.

Some of the special features of the

SatNav II include: a large unclut- tered display; multipass discrimina- tion; continuous display of lat/lon; minimal power requirements (1.6 amps at 12V DC); automatic dead reckoning between fixes, using in- put from the ship's gyro and speed log, or manual entries; and internal battery backup.

Another product from Tracor is the Automatic Omega II, a fully automatic, microprocessor-based system which provides continuous navigation information from the worldwide Omega station network.

The Automatic Omega II presents navigation data on a large unclut- tered display. Reliability safeguards for each unit such as ceramic com- ponents, a 250-hour burn-in with four temperature cyclings, built-in test equipment, oscillator warning and a dead reckoning indicator are included at no extra cost.

Other Tracor navigation products include the Bridgestar satellite nav- igator, the Omega Navigator and the Transtar satellite navigator.

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Tracor Marcon, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tracor Inc.,

Austin, Texas, engineers and manu- factures shipboard monitoring, alarm and control systems.

Tracor Marcon offers several out- standing monitoring systems in- cluding: the PMS 6000 shipboard performance monitoring system; CS 5000 shipboard automated machin- ery remote-control system; TMS 100 engine temperature monitoring system; and PMS II shipboard mon- itoring system.

The PMS 6000 is an integrated system providing remote instru- mentation display, constant alarm monitoring, event recording and data logging.

The system consists of analog, rate and switch sensors which feed data to nearby collectors mounted in the machinery spaces. These data collectors pre-process the informa- tion and transmit it via a single cable to a main processor which can receive and process information from up to eight remote units. The processed data is then displayed in page format on video (CRT) dis- plays and can be printed, with addi- tional capability for recording on tape cartridges.

The CS 5000 is an integral remote control system providing remote start/stop capability for vessels main engine(s), generator(s), steer- ing systems, and emergency pumps, from both the wheelhouse and engi- neer's main control station. CS 5000 is designed for use with either the

PMS II or PMS 6000. The control system consists of a single central processing unit designed for engine room mounting.

The TMS 1000 is an integral microprocessor-based system pro- viding simultaneous display of an engine's individual cylinder temper- atures, with input capacity to accept twin engines of up to 20 cylinders each, plus stack temperatures.

The PMS II shipboard perform- ance monitoring system offered by

Tracor Marcon provides remote in- strumentation display and constant alarm monitoring utilizing up to 168 separate inputs. Event recording and data printing capabilities are also available.

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Waterway Communications Sys- tem, Inc., Jeffersonville, Ind., has formed a new communications net- continued)

Two New 20 Knot, 78 Foot Multi-Purpose Boats

Now Available at Greatly Reduced Prices


Will sell fox $795,000 each.

Reduced from $1,180,000 each.

Many uses such as: Utility; Police & Customs; Harbor Patrol;

Rescue; VIP; Port Authority; Survey; Charter; Dive; Pilot;

Water Taxi, and more. Immediate delivery. Easily modified.

Built to U.S. Coast Guard and Lloyds specifications, both are 78' x 18'6" x 11 '6" with lightweight steel hulls and aluminum superstructures. Each is powered by two

GM12V71 TI's developing 1350 BHP through Twin Disc 514 gears. They carry 3000 gallons of fuel and 1000 gallons of fresh water. Full galley. Air conditioned quarters for 10, exten- sive electronics package. 30KW generator driven by GM 2-71 diesel.

USA Racing Team 3030 N.E. 188 St., North Miami Beach. FL 33160

Tel. (305) 931-1533, Telex: 522190

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