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nology and the use of a novel anti- foulant.

The company's popular, non-pol- ishing coating, Classic, is now avail- able in a tin-free version.

Hempel's new ablative antifoul- ings for the commercial shipping market function in a similar manner to copolymer types in that the ap- plied film gradually diminishes through physical erosion during time in service. As with copolymer types, this provides for exposure of a fresh active layer of antifoulant.

The difference lies in their mode of action/control which (not being on the molecular level) may be con- densed as a mainly physical, as op- posed to chemical, process. In this sense, the ablatives can be consid- ered as polishers rather than self- polishers.


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Inorganic Coatings, Inc., Mal- vern, Pa., manufactures and markets IC 531, a high-ratio, water- based, silicate/zinc coating.

Developed by NASA, IC 531 is based on breakthrough silicate tech- nology which the company claims offers virtually permanent protec- tion for steel. It is a no-cure inor- ganic zinc which dries in 30 minutes and can be topcoated in two hours or less. Because it is water-based, it has zero volatile organic com- pounds, thins with water and does not generate hazardous waste.

IC 531 is NAVSEA approved un- der Chapter 631, paragraph 631- 7.97 of the Naval Ships Technical

Manual and is currently being used in marine and offshore industries on a variety of equipment and applica- tions.

Inorganic Coatings has taken the corrosion protection of IC 531 sili- cate/zinc and coupled it with high performance, water-based and high solids coatings to offer premium systems for nearly every application and environment. Inorganic Coat- ings representatives offer assistance with proper coating selection and specifications.

Inorganic Coatings has become a leader in informing the marketplace on the performance of water-based coatings and low VOC products.

The company sponsors seminars on water-based coatings several times a year across the U.S., and is current- ly publishing a new catalog which not only addresses systems and products, but includes historical performance information and tech- nical articles on corrosion, the eco- nomics of coating systems and coat- ing selection.


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Tanker operators are now able to carry a much broader spectrum of "aggressive cargoes" with the use of

International Paint Marine Coat- ings' Interchem TC 900, a tank coat- ing series offering maximum flexi- bility of cargo carriage.

The Interchem TC 900 system utilizes innovative modified epoxy

February, 1989 1 1 technology allowing a greater degree of chemical curing at ambient tem- peratures and, thus, a greater cargo resistance range compared to con- ventional epoxy and epoxy-phenolic systems. This is made possible by the reaction of a high molecular weight epoxy resin by way of its active hydrogen groups maximizing cross-link density within the film.

The system offers the widest spec- trum of chemical resistance current- ly available from organic tank coat- ings. It is the result of three years of concentrated research and develop- ment into marine tank coatings by

UK-headquartered International

Paint Marine Coatings.

Interchem TC 900 series offers tanker operators the opportunity to carry such diverse cargoes as unres- tricted vegetable oils, ketones, caus- tic soda and methanol, without the need for the post heat curing proce- dures normally associated with tank coatings of similar in-service per- formance capabilities.

A key factor in this new tank coating's flexibility is its resistance to softening, even in low molecular weight solvent cargoes. This is due to the coating's optimized chemical and physical properties which result in a tough, resilient film which has (continued) - to obtain more mileage from your chemical budget.

Gamlen and Perolin Marine Chemicals have joined forces and are now sailing under the Unitor Marine Chemi-cals flag.

We present the integrated range that consists of the best products from the Gamlen/Perolin product lines as well as new innovative products.

As a user of Unitor Marine Chemicals, you also benefit from a most comprehensive stock coverage.

Our unique network now covers 450 ports world-wide, which ensures you availability of proven, quality marine chemi- cals where and when you need them.

UNITOR's new product

Enviroclean, an environ- mentally safe multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser, represents a decisive step towards con-

UNITOR serves annually over 15,500 vessels from 70 nations on a 24 hour basis. serving the environment and improving safety for operating personnel.

This new generation of non-pollutant, non-toxic and non- flammable cleaners is backed up by Gamlen-Perolin's combined know-how, experience and research.

For more information about UNITOR's integrated product range, please send the coupon (or a photocopy) to the address below.


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Unitor Ships Service,

Mastemyr, N-1410 Kolbotn


Yes, I am interested in more information on

UNITOR's products - to obtain more mileage from my ships' chemical budget, regarding: • Fuel Oil Treatment • Biochemicals • Water Treatment • Maintenance and Tank

Cleaning (PLEASE USE BLOCK LETTERS) • Please send me a presentation of Unitor

Ships Service • Please arrange to visit me


Company: Phone:


Mail to: Unitor Marine Chemicals, 3 High Street - Rickmansworth,

Herts WD3 1SW, United Kingdom.

Phone: (+44 923) 778244. Telex: 992082. Fax: (+44 923) 771631.

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