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Coatings Review (continued) less tendency to absorb cargo com- pared to conventional epoxy-based systems. For tanker operators, this may lead to faster turn-around times between cargoes as a result of easier tank cleaning.

Offering a broad spectrum of car- go resistance, Interchem TC 900 se- ries is the premier product in the

International Paint tank coating range, which includes the pure epoxy Intergard TH 700 series and

Interzinc QHA zinc silicate as well as Intergard THB series pure epoxy.

Introduced to the marine market in 1987, Intergard TH 700 series has been successfully specified and ap- plied to over 200,000 m2 of cargo tanks.

Interzinc QHA series, an ethyl sil- icate, offers excellent performance against a wide range of neutral chemicals and solvents and has been applied to more than 200 vessels over the last 10 years.

This product range is supported worldwide by an experienced dedi- cated sales and technical team.


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Jotun Valspar is the Marine Coat- ings Division of the Valspar Corpo- ration. Valspar is among the largest manufacturers of coatings in the

U.S., having acquired within the past four years, Mobil's North

American Coatings Division, Far- boil Marine Coatings and Jotun A/S

North American Marine Coatings.

As a result of these acquisitions,

Jotun Valspar is among the leading suppliers of marine coatings. Of par- ticular note is Jotun Valspar's sup- ply of Sovapon Tank Coating to the marine industry, including the U.S.

Navy. Sovapon Tank Coating Sys- tems are formulated with epoxy res- ins that are cured or converted by a reaction catalyst at atmospheric temperatures.

The company reports Sovapon has been applied to liquid cargo tanks, and deep tanks on hundreds of vessels, with an outstanding re- cord of success.

Sovapon tank coatings are ap- plied as a two-coat system, and pro- vide efficiencies by eliminating the need for steel renewals, preventing commodity contamination between cargoes, faster drainage of cargoes, and quicker tank washing and gas freeing.

The Sovapons are extremely dur- able, tough, and smooth with excel- lent adhesion, resistance to under- cutting, peeling, and blistering. Ad- ditionally, Sovapon complies with

FDA requirements, is accepted by regulatory agencies as a potable water tank lining, and also meets

DOD requirements as a lining for fuel/ballast water tanks.

Included among Jotun Valspar's line of coatings are a variety of prod- ucts based on various generic resin systems, as for example, organic zinc coatings, manufactured with chlorinated rubbers or epoxy resins.

Inorganic zinc coatings are also pro- vided with solvent or water using silicate resin systems. Of significant interest to the marine industry is a one-package inorganic zinc silicate coating that is used as a pre-con- struction ship primer. This product is applied automatically after abra- sive blasting at a dry film thickness of approximately 0.75 mils, and will provide corrosion resistance without topcoating for about one year. Jotun

Valspar zinc coatings have had ex- tensive marine service, with applica- tions on exterior or hull topsides, deck and cargo tanks of vessels.

Recent innovations include the introduction of Vepok, a unique group of protective coatings that can be applied over oily, wet, rusty surfaces and a high-ratio water- based inorganic zinc rich coating (MZ-6) that offers unique dry and topcoat applications.

Jotun Valspar is a complete sup- plier of coatings to the marine in- dustry, and therefore in addition to the above mentioned coatings, also manufactures and provides anti- fouling paints and specification coatings that are used by govern- ment agencies including the U.S.


A.L. Don introduces the 'Next Step' in Debarkation

Ladders... "ERIK II

A totally synthetic debarkation lad- der. Designed with steps you can replace quickly and easily, right on board the vessel.

A specially designed mechanical clamp holds each step in place... No need to unstring... No special tools required. "ERIK II" has successfully undergone drop tests as high as 110' (33.53 meters). Approved by the U.S.C.G.

Meets or exceeds SOLAS and IMO standards. Each step easily with- stands loads of 700 lbs. with less than %" of deflection. Ropes are polypro- dacron with white outer jacket and orange safety core. "ERIK II" is patented, available worldwide, at prices far lower than competitors.

Take the 'next step' and call for free literature, technical drawings and quotes.


A.L. Don Co.

A division of Steelstran Ind.

One Don Plaza. Dock Street

Matawan, New Jersey 07747 (201) 541-5330-(201) 541-5335

Telex: 139374

Fax: 201-541-9555

A.L. Don, Southeast

Indusco 429 Tcillvrand Avenue

Jacksonville. FL 32201 (904) 355-3423

A.L. Don, Mid-Atlantic

Wm. H. Swan & Sons, Inc. 1330 Azalea Garden Road

Norfolk, VA 23502 (804) 855-4711

In Washington,

Oregon and California call 1-800-458-5722.


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BLOWERS/EXHAUSTERS • Remove welding fumes, hazardous gases, polluted air from confined areas and job sites. • Create safe and comfortable working environments that improve productivity.

Carling portable industrial and marine air movers feature electric motor, air/steam water turbine and venturi drives. Capacities range from 1,200 cfm to 11,000 cfm.

There's a model 'Just Right" for your specific need.



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