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Navy Designation NAME

Robert E. Derecktor Shipyard

WMEC-912 Legare

WMEC-913 Mohawk

TB 130A unnamed \

TB 130B unnamed'

TB 130C unnamed\

TB 130D unnamed

Tacoma Boatbuilding

T-AGOS-11 Audacious 1 AGOS 12 Bold

Textron Marine

LCAC-13-24 (12) unnamed

I CAC (12) unname

Thunderbolt Shipbuilding & Repair9

LCUs (Army-23) (opt. 12) unnamed

Todd Pacific-San Pedro

FFG-61 Ingraham


CONTRACT $ 30,160,000 30,160,000 16,500,000 14,460,174 9,295,000 9,295,000 187,000,000 216,000,000 96,100,000


DELIVERY 5/89 5/89 7/89 10/89 1/90 2/90 6/89 10/89 89/-6/91 94 6/89

Long Term Outlook (continued) gic sealift ships in varying opera- tional status. Four crane ship con- versions still remain to be per- formed. Two have been funded and will soon be under contract. MarAd has requested funding for TACS-11 and -12 in the FY 1990 budget. This request must be approved by OMB.

There is talk about additional

TACS conversions.

The nine Sealift class tankers will be 20 years old in 1995. There prob- ably will be a replacement require- ment—which could generate a build/charter tanker program with- in the next several years. This would obviously interest yards such as

Avondale, NASSCO, Bethlehem

Steel-Sparrows Point and Tampa




The Navy plans to build a fleet of 27 T-AGOS ocean surveillance ships. Nine will be SWATH design.

Five ships still remain to be con- tracted.

The Navy also plans to build six to nine survey ships—some of which are to be SWATH design. Funding for the first SWATH oceanographic ship had been planned for FY 1989.

The Navy retracted its request after submitting the proposed budget— saying the design needs more work. cation to a contract for the design an con- struction of LHD-4, a Wasp Class amphi- bious assault ship. Work is to be completed by April 1994. The contract was awarded by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Washing- ton, D.C. (N00024-86-C-2005).

October 4

General Dynamics Corp., Groton, Conn., was awarded an $8-million contract for electrically suspended gyro navigator spares for SSN-637 and SSN-688 Class sub- marines. Work is to be completed by May 1992. The contract was awarded by the

Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington,

D.C. (N00024-88-G-2060).

Avondale Industries, Avondale, La., was awarded a $45-million modification to a contract for the conversion of two AO-177

Class fleet oilers to the AO-177 (Jumbo)



The following special section highlights the latest U.S. Navy con- tract awards for shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance, shipboard communications, weapons, etc.

October 3

Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, was awarded a $27.3-million modification to a contract for repair services for USS Samuel

B. Roberts (FFG-58). The contract was awarded by the Naval Sea Systems Com- mand, Washington, D.C. (N00024-88-R- 8520).

Ingalls Shipbuilding Inc., Pascagoula,

Miss., was awarded a $341.4-million modifi- morgan crane co., inc.


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February, 1989

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