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Department For

The Navy

Powering the U.S. Navy. GE has been the

Navy's foremost partner in propelling and electrifying her proud ships for more than a century. We are working today to extend this partnership into the Iwenty-first Century.

Focus On The Navy

The U.S. Navy is the primary customer of Naval 8c Drive Turbine Systems. As a critical component of America's third largest defense contractor, our charter is to focus the resources of our 40 billion dollar Company to meet the Navy's need for technology, quality, cost and delivery. We design, manufacture and test all GE shipboard steam propulsion, gear, and ships service power genera- tion systems. In addition, we are developing a nu|nber of "futuristic" systems including electric drive.

Electric Drive Propulsion

Recently, the CNO announced an in- tention to power future Navy surface combatants with electric drive propul- sion systems. We were pleased to learn last November that Naval & Drive

Turbine Systems was awarded an 89.5 million dollar contract to develop elec- tric drive. On this program, we bring together the capabilities and resources of GE Corporate Research 8c Develop- ment, Drive Systems, Ordnance

Systems, and Aircraft Engine Business

Group, along with our people in Fitch- burg and Lynn, Massachusetts; Bangor,

Maine; and Schenectady, New York.

Within these organizations, Navy experts will apply their experience, and use some of the world's most modern equipment, to create a state-of-the-art propulsion system that is versatile, quiet and highly efficient. We wish to thank the Navy for entrusting this vital program to GE.

A Proud Tradition

The heritage Edison began with the first shipboard power generation system continues at Naval 8c Drive Turbine

Systems. Today, GE powers the Navy fleet from large aircraft carriers and submarines to small auxiliary ships.

Tomorrow, electric drive will broaden the Navy's capability in the Twenty-first

Century and enable us to carry-on our primary mission... to maintain leader- ship in propulsion and ships service systems for the U.S. Navy.

GE People:

Qualified, Committed, Proud

Circle 223 on Reader Service Card "Maintaining leadership in propulsion and ships service systems is our primary mission."

L.A. Carlstrom

General Manager

Naval & Drive Turbine Systems

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