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Unitor Announces

New Owner Structure

Unitor Ships Service AS recently reported that its major stockholder,

Hafslund of Norway (a major power, paper and medical holding compa- ny), has successfully completed the sale of its 44.5 percent share in

Unitor to a number of individual

Norwegian and U.K. investors and funds.

Unitor expressed its satisfaction with the new owner structure, leav- ing no one stockholder with more than 5 to 10 percent of the company stock.

Unitor reports at the same time that its third quarter '88 results were the best ever and that the posi- tive trend is continuing and is ex- pected to give Unitor a record year.

Unitor has a network of 50 branch offices and 220 agents covering 450 ports worldwide servicing the inter- national shipping and shipbuilding industries. The company serves more than 15,000 vessels from 70 nations annually. Main products are welding gases and equipment; re- frigerants and equipment; refrigera- tion service; airtools; high pressure cleaning systems; marine chemicals; firefighting, rescue, safety equip- ment and services.

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Marine Electric Moves

To New Facilities; Divides

Into Three Separate Firms

A series of recent moves has re- sulted in a number of significant changes in the Marine Electric or- ganization, a leading manufacturer and supplier of the product lines of

Galbraith Pilot Marine (tempera- ture monitoring, salinity monitor- ing, audio equipment); CML-Ma- carr (power supplies, wide band power amplifiers); Wayne (custom- made specialty transformers) and

Marine Electric (motor rewinding and repair).

One significant change is that the company has moved its entire oper- ation from its former Brooklyn,

N.Y., location to more modern and spacious facilities at 50 Carol Street,

P.O. Box 1135, Clifton, N.J. 07014- 1135.

A second major move was to di- vide the company into three sepa- rate and distinct firms—Marine

Electric RPD, Inc., for all Mil-Spec products, salinity monitoring, tem- perature monitoring, power sup- plies, etc.; Clifton Power Group, for all commercial power supplies, au- dio systems, wide band power am- plifiers, etc.; and Marine Electric

Corporation, for motor repairs and rewinding.

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February, 1989

Caterpillar Wins $1.4-Million Navy

Mine Plow Contract

Under a recently awarded $1.4- million U.S. Navy contract, Cater- pillar Inc. will develop a highly spe- cialized mine plow for the Marine

Corp's Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) in a two-year program.

Managed by the Naval Coastal

Systems Center, Panama City, Fla., the contract covers design, manu- facturing and testing of four proto- type plows. The track-width plows are designed to provide protection of AAVs during amphibious land- ings, uncovering and moving aside enemy anti-personnel and anti-tank mines placed in the surf and on beaches. Each AAV can carry 28

Marines from ship to shore.

Caterpillar's Defense Products and Research Departments con- cepted the plow for use on the AAV (built by FMC Corporation). De- signed to remove and displace, rath- er than detonate mines, the plow can sustain limited blast forces and continue operations.

The four plows are currently scheduled to undergo a six-month test at Camp Pendleton, Calif., be- ginning January 1990.

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