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Recent U.S. Navy

Flag Officer Nominations

The Secretary of Defense recently announced the following Presiden- tial flag officer appointments:

Rear Adm. James F. Dorsey

Jr., USN, for appointment to the grade of vice admiral and assign- ment as Commander Third Fleet.

Rear Adm. Henry H. Mauz Jr.,

USN, for appointment to the grade of vice admiral and assignment as

Commander Seventh Fleet.

Vice Adm. William E. Ramsey,

USN, to be placed on the retired list in his current grade. He is scheduled to retire March 1, 1989.

Vice Adm. Walter T. Piotti Jr.,

USN, was placed on the retired list at his last rank. He retired after 35 years of active service. His last ap- pointment was as Commander Mili- tary Sealift Command.

Vice Adm. Diego E. Hernan- dez, USN, for reappointment to the grade of vice admiral and assign- ment as Deputy Commander in

Chief, U.S. Space Command.

Vice Adm. Paul D. Miller,

USN, for reappointment to the grade of vice admiral and assign- ment as Deputy Chief Naval Opera- tions, Naval Warfare, OP-07, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

Vice Adm. Clyde R. Bell, USN, retired after 35 years of active ser- vice. His last appointment was as

Vice Director, Joint Strategic Tar- get Planning Staff.

Rear Adm. (Lower Half) John E.

Gordon, JAGC, USN, for appoint- ment as Deputy Judge Advocate

General for the Navy with the rank of rear admiral.

Redline Marine Selects

Northwest Marine Services

As Distributor

Northwest Marine Services has recently been chosen by Redline

Marine Engines, Inc. to distribute their cost-efficient engines in Cana- da and the states of Idaho, Oregon,

Washington, Montana, Alaska, and

California. According to Kerry

Kennedy, manager of Redline, "We chose Northwest Marine Ser- vices because we feel that their new

Hamilton Jet product line, together with our Ford 302, 351 and 460 engines, will provide boatbuilders with a comprehensive propulsion package."

All three Ford models are eight- cylinder gas engines which undergo a complete and rigorous "mariniza- tion" process by Redline. Redline designs and manufactures their own marinized engine components to make the engine easier to install, easier to maintain, and more effi- cient. The engines offer a horsepow- er range from 213 to 350 hp.

Northwest Marine Services, a ma- rine sales, engineering and service corporation, also specializes in a va- riety of products related to the pro- pulsion, maneuvering and control of ship and offshore structures. For more information,

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Under New Leadership —Literature Offered

Schoellhorn-Albrecht Machine

Co., a recognized manufacturer of marine equipment on inland water- ways since 1887, has recently been acquired by two St. Louis men,

Robert Pavlisin and Norman


Under the new leadership of Mr.

Pavlisin and Mr. Morgan,

Schoellhorn-Albrecht is located at 5215 South 38th Street, St. Louis,

Mo. The company, founded in 1887, will continue to manufacture quali- ty capstans, winches and deck fit- tings, along with complete machine shop capabilities that include fac- tory repair reconditioning and re- placement parts for customers worldwide. Their operations include not only the inland waterways but also all coasts and overseas. "The designs and reputation of our equipment has been proven for over 100 years," Mr. Pavlisin stated. "Our goal is to continue the quality and service the name

Schoellhorn-Albrecht represents."

For free literature giving full in- formation on products manufac- tured by Schoellhorn-Albrecht Ma- chine Co.,

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Only specialists can build four floating drydocks within one year... tWWIH I III II I | ... 89 in a century. Floating docks have been on the pro- gramme of MAN GHH since 1878. Between April 1982 and

May 1983 we designed, built and supplied a 20,000-t and a 30,000-t dock for the U.S.A. as well as a 22,000-t and a 10,000-t dock for Saudi

Arabia. From June 1982 until

September 1983, two GHH floating docks were commis- sioned by our specialists at their final destination in the

U.S.A., another two in Saudi

Arabia, one in Indonesia, and one in Singapore.

Our dock construction yard is also fully equipped for build- ing floating cranes, such as the three 200-t units deliver- ed to Saudi Arabia in 1983.

For further information we shall be pleased to send you our brochures.

Convincing Technology


P.O. B. 11 02 40

D-4200 Oberhausen 11


Phone: 2 08/692-0

Telex: 8 56 691 ghh d

MAN GHH CORP. 50 Broadway

New York, NY 10004 USA

Phone: (212) 509-4545

Telefax: (212) 269-2854

Telex: 42 12 74 MAN CORP

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