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and from the repair area. The Lem- vig Lift has no winches or tracks, and no pulley, cables or wheels to rust or wear out. Offshore Industries claims that it is virtually trouble- free, easy and economical to oper- ate, simple in design, and beneficial to both yard operators and boat owners.

Equally as well suited to marinas as to commercial yards, the Lemvig

Lift can be designed to accommo- date any size vessel—from 30 tons to as large as required.

For further information and a free copy of the brochure, "Lift

Your Profits," from Offshore Indus- tries,

Cooper Bearing Offers

Free Catalog, Booklet On

Marine Roller Bearings

The Cooper Bearing Company,

Virginia Beach, Va., which was one of the pioneers of split roller bear- ings with main components made in halves, is offering a free general cat- alog and marine applications book- let on their roller bearing products.

According to the company, the unique design of the Cooper Roller

Bearing, with the main components made in halves, permits bearing changeover in a fraction of the time required for solid units. It also has one of the most effective seals of any roller bearing pillow block, thus pre- venting the entry of contaminants, which is one of the main causes of premature bearing failures.

Cooper Bearing reports that sav- ings in maintenance and downtime can be substantial without sacrific- ing capacity or speed. And because of their strict quality standards,

Cooper expects the roller bearings to have a long service life.

Prompt technical support is available on company products from

Cooper Bearing's engineering de- partment.

For a free copy of Cooper Bear- ing's general catalog and marine ap- plications booklet,

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GE Awarded Contract

Worth $89.5 Million

To Build Electric Drive

The General Electric Company,

Fitchburg, Mass., was awarded a $89,515,562 fixed-price-incentive contract by the Naval Sea Systems

Command for the design, construc- tion, and testing of a full scale elec- tric drive system for U.S. Navy sur- face combatants. The work will be performed in Fitchburg and Pitts- field, Mass., Salem, Va., and Schen- ectady, N.Y., and is expected to be completed June 1994. The contract is (N00024-89-C-4018).

Harris Wins $5.3-Million

Contract For USCG

Radio Receiver Program

The Harris Long-Range Radio

Division has been awarded a $5.3- million contract from the U.S. Navy to provide new high-frequency radio receivers for the U.S. Coast Guard.

The contract calls for Harris to provide R-2368/URR-79(V) receiv- ers to replace older equipment in

Coast Guard ships and shore sta- tions. The R-2368/URR is a general- purpose VLF/LF/MF/HF receiver operating in the 10 kHz to 30 MHz band. It provides enhanced remote control capability and other ad- vanced features. The R-2368/URR is the receiver unit of the Navy AN/

URR-79(V) radio. This receiver is the U.S. Navy-standard receiver and is the replacement for the AN/

WRR-3 VLF, AN/SRR-19 LF, R- 390 MF/HF and R-1051 HF receiv- ers for shipboard and shore-based applications.

The R-2368 offers rapid tune time and internal scan capabilities for surveillance and other applications requiring flexibility and adaptabili- ty. Built-in test features diagnose and isolate malfunctions to the modular level with front-panel dis- play, allowing rapid troubleshooting and modular replacement.

For more information and free lit- erature from Harris Corporation,

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Marine ropes get wet. It's expected.

And if they lose some strength under- water, well that's expected too.

What's not expected is that ropes manufactured with Allied Fibers keep working strong even when soaking wet.

Select Caprolan 2000 SeaGard™

Nylon—advanced nylon with the propri- etary SeaGard™ finish that offers opti- mum wet strength. Choose new im- proved, lightweight, high strength A.C.E. polyester with Seagard™ for higher abrasion resistance than ever before.

Allied Signal wishes to acknowledge the leading manufacturers that utilize these

Allied Fibers in their rope manufacturing.

New England Ropes

Samson Ocean Systems, Inc.

Yale Cordage Inc.

For optimum marine performance characteristics, select Spectra—lighter than water, ten times stronger than steel with the lowest moisture absorption and highest abrasion resistance of any high modulus fiber.

Allied Fibers stand up to the most punishing abuse in every marine rope application: fishing, towing, mooring, docking and anchoring.

Expect the unexpected from

Allied Fibers—the best wet workers you can get.

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