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Electric Boat To Build

First Seawolf Submarine

Under $726-Million Pact

The Electric Boat Division of

General Dynamics Corporation,

Groton, Conn., was recently awarded a $725,951,700 fixed-price, incentive contract to build the lead submarine of the U.S. Navy's Sea- wolf Class (SSN-21).

According to reports, the Seawolf

Class high-speed attack submarine will be well armed, and fitted with advanced sonar, sensors, computer attack systems and propulsion plant. She is designed to operate deeper, quieter and faster than the

Navy's present attack submarine, the 360-foot, 6,900-ton-displace- ment Los Angeles Class (SSN-688).

The Electric Boat Division cur- rently builds the Navy's Los An- geles Class submarines, as well as its 560-foot, 18,700-ton-displacement

Ohio Class Trident ballistic missile submarines. Newport News Ship- building & Dry Dock Co., Newport

News, Va., also builds SSN-688

Cl&ss subs

The SSN-21 Class is designed to counter the rapidly increasing capa- bilities of the Soviet submarine force projected for the 1990s and beyond. Two notable Soviet sub- marine designs are the AKULA

Class multipurpose attack submar- ine, which has the ability to run quietly and launch long-range cruise missile attacks, and the titanium- hulled ALFA Class, which, accord- ing to Soviet Military Power 1988, can dive deeper and run faster than current U.S. attack submarines.

Over the next 10 years, the Navy may build as many as 25 Seawolf

Class submarines. Both Newport

News and Electric Boat are ex- pected to compete for these con- struction contracts.

The first Seawolf Class submar- ine is expected to be commissioned in 1995.

Nalfleet Offers Free 12-Page Color Brochure

On Products And Services

Nalfleet, a world leader in marine chemical technology, has published a 12-page full-color brochure on the products and services offered by the company.

The brochure brings out the di- versity of products and treatment programs developed by Nalfleet for task solving. These include corro- sion inhibitors for diesel cooling sys- tems, seawater antifoulants and anti-scalant liquid evaporator treat- ments, along with Nalfleet's com- prehensive range of fuel treatment chemicals. These solutions are sup- plied as part of a problem solving program designed especially for the customer.

Actual case histories, emphasiz- ing an individual approach to the various problems to be solved, are discussed and illustrated.

For more information and a free copy of the 12-page color brochure from Nalfleet,

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February, 1989

Free 88-Page Catalog

On Product Lines

Offered By Crosby Group

A free 88-page catalog is available from The Crosby Group, Tulsa,

Okla., a North American leader in forged fittings for wire rope and chain, and a subsidiary of Amhoist, which is comprised of Laughlin®,

Lebus®, McKissick, National and

Western. The companies manufac- ture every conceivable kind of fit- tings and accessories for deck ma- chinery, cargo handling and other applications, including forged fit- tings, hooks, blocks, sheaves, pul- leys, load binders, chain, etc. The catalog describes all of the products of all divisions in full detail with photos, detailed drawings, measure- ments, and full specification charts.

The Crosby Group has recently announced the opening of its newest distribution facility located in the

Seattle area (Tukwila, Wash.). The facility will house over 600 Crosby line items providing improved de- livery service to Crosby's Western

U.S. distribution network. The

Seattle warehouse will service the entire Northwest corner of the

United States, including Alaska.

For further information and a free copy of the 88-page catalog from The Crosby Group,

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From Concept to Reality \ 030


RANGE 6 nm

RINGS 1 nm '',^040 CD-N.up -,.050

HR 2000

HR 3000

The new generation Concept radar systems from Kelvin Hughes provide a unique and flexible approach to ergonomic bridge layout.

Concept HR series has been developed to achieve total radar system integration in either existing vessels or bridge designs for the 90's.

The high-resolution monitor, keyboard and processor can be situated remotely in any configuration - either bulkhead, deck console, deck head or desk mounted, or can form one fully-integrated unit in which the monitor angles can be adjusted to suit operator preference. Additional remote monochrome or colour monitors can also be included in the Concept package.

Concept HR systems offer Relative

Motion, True Motion and ARPA facilities, combined with E-Plot II, an enhanced version of the unique Kelvin Hughes electronic plotting program. Identical positioning of keyboard controls for these features throughout the range assists operational confidence and familiarity.

Now, all ship data and status can be ideally zoned for instant assimilation, making Concept HR the perfect radar system for today's navigational realities. ,0s 140

VRM 4'25nm 1 t


A subsidiary company of Smiths Industries pic.

Kelvin Hughes Ltd.,

New North Road, Hainault, Ilford,

Essex, IG6 2UR. England.

Telephone: 01-500 1020 (National) + 44 1 500 1020 (International)

Telefax: 01-500 0837 (National) +44 1 500 0837 (International)

Telex: 896401 KELHUE G.

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