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Volvo Penta Enters New Market

Segment For Workboat Engines

With 16-Liter Marine Diesel —Literature Offered— Volvo Penta's new TAMD162, 16-liter marine diesel is designed for lowest fuel consumption in the 1,400-1,600 rpm speed range.

Volvo Penta recently introduced the new TAMD162, a* 16-liter ma- rine diesel, which marks an upgrad- ing of the company's marine engine range and its entry into the market segment for workboats with engines of 400-600 hp.

The robust new engine has been developed primarily for powering fishing vessels and heavy-duty workboats or as auxiliary engines in large boats. It is available in three standard power output classes: HD, heavy duty (470 hp/345 kw at 1,800 rpm); MD, medium duty (490 hp/ 360 kw); and LD, light duty (550 hp/ 405 kw at 1,900 rpm). The engine is designed for lowest fuel consump- tion in the 1,400-1,600 rpm speed range.

Important design advancements, introduced in the new TAMD162, 16-liter, have also been incorporated into the company's new 12-liter and 10-liter engines. Features include new cylinder head and gaskets, new cylinder liners with flame barriers and improved sealing. The engine has a new injection pump with smoke limiter and new five-hole nozzles for better combustion and cleaner emissions.

In the 12-liter turbocharged and aftercooled category, a new designa- tion TAMD122 replaces the pre- vious generation 121 engine. The

TAMD122 has between 4 and 7 per- cent higher power output than its predecessor. In the heavy-duty ver- sion, the engine now rates at 380 hp/ 279 kw, with 450 hp/331 kw for plea- sure craft and light duty applica- tions. The TAMD122 also features a new lightweight gearbox.

In the 10-liter category, the tur- bocharged 100 series of marine die- sels has been replaced with a model designated TMD102, also reflecting an increase in power. Output in medium-duty operation has been increased by 5 percent to 272 hp/200 kw at 2,000 rpm.

The 16-liter TAMD162 is turbo- charged, aftercooled and is fuel effi- cient, quiet and light. Special char- acteristics of the new engine include high-power output in combination with low fuel consumption, high re- liability, long service life and low levels of noise and exhaust emis- sions.

Volvo Penta's first diesel engine with four valves per cylinder for engine efficiency, the six-cylinder

TAMD162 has a variety of other special features designed to increase (continued on page 64)

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February, 1989

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