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New Color Video Sounder

From Raytheon Offers

Advanced Multi-Screen Presentations

Raytheon's new JFV-200 Color

Video Sounder offers a wide variety of advanced multi-screen presenta- tions, including split-screen A-

Scope and horizontal or vertical split-screens. New, U.S. made, high technology, dual-beam transducers produce exceptional target defini- tion and bottom discrimination. Us- ing a high-resolution (512 by 512 pixels), ultra-bright 14-inch CRT, and dual-frequency transmitters (200 kHz, 50 kHz, 38 kHz, 28 kHz), with 3-kw rms output, this new color video sounder gives fishermen the leading edge yet, according to

Raytheon, costs less that others in its class

The JFV 200 offers ultra-high- efficiency dual-beam transducers with a combination of frequencies to maximize fish detection characteris- tics in the narrow-beam mode, and optimize bottom detail in its wide- beam mode. To get this extra meas- ure of clarity, operators simply flip the front-panel switch from narrow to wide-beam modes.

Raytheon and JRC have worked together with professional fisher- men to develop the most effective, easy-to-use controls. Using the JFV- 200 unit's logical arrangement of rotary and keypad controls, fisher- men can choose a wide selection of high-contract, vivid pictures that are easy to understand.

A choice of eight or 26 colors is available for video-sounding ranges to 5,000 feet, fathoms, or meters.

Temperature graph, bottom lock,

VRM expand, bottom discrimina- tion, midwater expansion, and A-

Scope are a few of the displays avail- able from the JFV-200. Combina- tion displays, with up to four split-

Siemens Offers Free 100-Page Catalog On

Contractors And Starters

A new 100-page catalog, CP2, de- scribing the complete line of en- closed type contractors and starters has been issued by the Controls

Division of Siemens Energy & Auto- mation, Inc.

The catalog highlights Siemens

World Series contactors and start- ers which meet or exceed the re- quirements of NEMA, UL, and IEC standards. The World Series 3TB contactors are compact and easy to install and maintain, while provid- ing reliable switching throughout a long service life. In addition to these benefits, Siemens World Series starters also offer Class 10 overload protection and inherent phase loss and unbalanced load protection. Di-

February, 1989 • * h Q 9 •

JFV-200 Color Video Sounder from Ray- theon. screens, can be presented simulta- neously. Each of the dual-frequency channels can be independently con- trolled for all functions.

Important navigational data is numerically displayed on-screen, in- cluding own vessel's position in lat/ long or TD's, boat speed, depth, water temperature, date and time.

Horizontal and vertical VRMs are standard. Distance and time marks are shown. Event data, including depth, water temperature, and hardness of bottom can be trans- ferred and displayed on Raytheon's new companion NWU-53 Color

Plotter, or remote monitors.

Raytheon offers all important

CRT symbols, descriptions and menu setup instructions in multiple languages (English, Norwegian,

French, Spanish, Icelandic) by plug- in ROM.

For free literature giving com- plete information on Raytheon's new JFV-200 Color Video Sounder,

Circle 98 on Reader Service Card agrams, photos, and charts provide complete technical data, pricing, and catalog number information to simplify the selection process.

The Controls Division of Siemens

Energy & Automation, Inc., manu- factures and markets motor control centers, medium voltage controllers, and a full line of control products including starters, contactors, and overload relays. Headquartered in

Atlanta, Siemens Energy & Auto- mation, Inc. manufactures electrical and electronic equipment and sys- tems for electrical utilities, commer- cial and residential construction and general industry. A member of the Siemens Group, the company has 24 plants in the U.S., and its products are marketed worldwide.

For further information and a free copy of the 100-page catalog from Siemens,

Circle 73 on Reader Service Card

Crowley Maritime

Names Robert P. Andres

Senior VP-Administration

Crowley Maritime Corporation, a diversified marine transportation firm with worldwide operations, has named Robert P. Andres as se- nior vice president, administration.

The appointment was recently an- nounced by Leo L. Collar. Crow- ley's president and chief operating officer.

Mr. Andres will have broad re- sponsibility for information sys- tems, purchasing, strategic planning and facilities management. He joins

Crowley from a 32-year career with

International Business Machines (IBM), where he held a variety of executive positions.

Crowley has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, par- ticularly in international liner ser- vices. The firm has long been a major carrier in the domestic off- shore trades and worldwide contract transportation.

World's most popular on board waste compactor before MARPOL-ANNEX V— is even more so now

This special size and capacity

Model 1600 Pollution Packer compactor/recycler is made to order for shipboard solid waste control problems, including plastic debris. With one on board, it's proof of your commitment against ocean pollution.

U.S. Navy, and Coast Guard ships, tankers and luxury liners rely on the Model 1600 to compact wastes in sealable heavy-duty bags and boxes for clean, efficient and sanitary waste storage enroute and easy portside disposal. Tough Re-

Use-A-Cube containers ideal for compacting and storing recyclable materials and wastes, too. Design includes: stainless steel panels and compaction chamber for cleaning ease: 110-VAC. 60 Hz. 12 Amp circuit: 14.000 lb. hydraulic force, protected by a 5-year warranty on cabinet and construction. Four models available. Call or write today for complete information and prices. (Toil-Free) 1-800/826-0091 • (Collect) 612/881-4900.

It's always, "Welcome Aboard" for the Model 1600

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