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Twin Disc Expands

Marine Transmission Series

For Workboat Applications —New Free Brochures Available—

Twin Disc, Inc., Racine, Wis., has expanded their popular MG-516

Marine Transmission Series with the addition of the model MG-5161, and has added a deep case version to their high performance MG-5111

Marine Transmission Series. Both new high capacity, compact reverse- reduction marine transmissions are designed for the rugged service en- countered by diesel engine's in ves- sels such as fishboats, towboats, tugs, ferries, crewboats and other workboats.

The MG-516 Marine Transmis- sion covers a power range of 235 to 447 kw (315 to 600 hp) and is offered in ratios 3.07:1, 3.50:1, 4.04:1, 4.52:1, 5.05:1 and 6.00:1. The MG-5161 cov- ers a power range of 235 to 425 kw (315 to 570 hp) and is offered in two ratios—6.53:1 and 7.00:1.

Rated 475 hp at 1,800 rpm contin- uous duty for all ratios, both the

MG-516 and MG-5161 models fea- ture identical ratings and ratios for- ward and reverse when used with right-hand standard rotation en- gines. The transmissions can also be set up for use with left-hand rota- tion engines driving through for- ward for ahead.

The MG-516 transmission is equipped with a torsional flexible coupling to fit standard SAE 14- inch flywheels and offers solid, pre- dictable response through oil con- trolled and oil cooled forward and reverse clutches.

The MG-5111DC marine trans- mission, suited for the diesel en- gines in fishboats and workboats requiring low propeller speeds, is available in a power range of 164 to 421 kw (220 to 565 hp) with three optional transmission-mounted

PTOs. The two identical capacity forward and reverse ratios, 3.92:1 and 4.95:1, make it possible to have either left or right-hand propeller rotation with identical right-hand engines. Transmissions can also be specified for use with left-hand ro- tation engines.

Rated 325 hp at 1,800 rpm contin- uous duty in all ratios, this trans- mission weighs only 771 pounds, which reflects the advanced design of the strong but lightweight high- grade iron housings. SAE No. 1 or

No. 2 configurations are available.

The new gear/clutch technology and gearing/bearing/clutch arrange- ment allow for service of major com- ponents without removing the transmission from the engine.

The new transmissions can use

Twin Disc's Trolling Valve option, which offers the ability to obtain lower propeller speeds than would be possible at engine idle with the clutch fully engaged, permitting greater maneuverability and con- trol.

In addition, the marine transmis-

March, 1989

Twin Disc's new MG-5111 deep case marine transmission.

The Twin Disc MG-5161 shown with optional

XA7512 hydraulic clutch PTO. sions carry the standard Twin Disc comprehensive warranty, and Twin

Disc renewal parts and parts kits are available through authorized deal- ers.

For a free brochures on the MG- 511 deep case and MG-516 and MG- 5161 marine transmissions from

Twin Disc,

Circle 12 on Reader Service Card

Ulstein Hatloe Receives $29.3-Million Order

To Build Support Vessel

The Norwegian shipbuilder Ul- stein Hatloe recently received an order from Rieber Shipping of Berg- en, Norway, worth about $29.3 mil- lion to build an advanced ice- strengthened support vessel.

The 298-1/2-foot vessel, which is expected to be delivered in Septem- ber of next year, would be used to support Polar expeditions.

FELS Awarded Contract

To Construct Another

Cable Ship For AT&T

Far East Levingston Shipbuilding

Ltd. (FELS) of Singapore has been awarded a second contract by Amer- ican Telephone and Telegraph

Company (AT&T) to build another cable-laying ship.

The first ship is expected to be delivered in 1990, while the second ship is scheduled to a 1991 de- livery.

Soundcoat Offers Brochure

On Vibration-Dissipating

Noise Reduction Material

The acoustical laboratory of

Soundcoat Company, Inc., Deer

Park, N.Y., has improved upon their proprietary vibration control mate- rial DYAD where it can now provide high damping from -15 F for DYAD 601 to 250 F for DYAD 609.

DYAD is used for constrained layer damping where a layer of vis- coelastic material is sandwiched be- tween the vibrating structure and a thinner metal constraining layer. It is the viscoelastic material com- pound which dissipates the mechan- ical energy of vibration into the form of heat.

Due to DYAD's extended temper- ature range it can now be used to reduce noise and vibration signifi- cantly in equipment where low and high temperature requirements must be met, such as skies to en- gines.

The Soundcoat Company, with laboratories and manufacturing fa- cilities in New York and California, is involved in noise control research and development and manufactur- ing damping, barrier, absorption, gasketing and glass fiber materials.

The company has provided noise control solutions and materials for all types of equipment in every industry from ships to aerospace to office machinery.

For additional information and

Soundcoat Bulletin No. 701,

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Global sales and service.

Raytheon Service Company is the one-stop source of high- quality marine electronics sales and service.

We have been serving the marine industry for over a half- century, providing expert service, installation and overhaul of navigation and communications equipment at very competitive prices.

Our field engineers can rapidly respond to your needs anywhere in the world on a 24-hour basis— we operate from eight strate- gically located and fully-equipped service centers in the U.S.

We have built a reputation for service excellence that includes all Raytheon equipment and most other major brands.

For dependable, responsive and professional marine elec- tronics service, count on

Raytheon Service Company

Port of New York

Telephone: 718-981-1090

Telex II: 710-588-2105

TeleFax: 718-981-7560

Port of Philadelphia

Telephone: 609 662-4322

Telex II: 710-991-8748

TeleFax: 609-662-0758

Port of Baltimore

Telephone: 301-761-4300

Telex II: 710-861-0506

TeleFax: 301-768-0857

Ports of Hampton Roads

Telephone: 804-464-3318

Telex: 446134

TeleFax: 804-464-2417

Port Everglades/Miami

Telephone: 305-476-2668

TeleFax: 305-476-2660

Port of New Orleans

Telephone: 504-835-6491

Telex II: 810-951-5382

TeleFax: 504-838-7934

Port of Houston

Telephone: 713-941-2700

Telex II: 910-881-2755

TeleFax: 713-941-1432

Port of San Diego

Telephone: 619-571-3352

Telex 678175

TeleFax: 213-835-5588

Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach

Telephone: 213-835-3911

Telex: 678175

TeleFax: 213-835-5588

For more information, contact:


Marine Sales & Service Division 7886 Browning Road

Pennsauken, NJ 08109 609-662-4322


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